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Corporate Social Responsibility highlights from 2021

2021 was yet another disruptive year but we managed to keep moving ABAXs CSR and sustainability efforts forward. Read on to see a few...

With WeForest and our customers, we planted 70 000 new trees

Each year we have committed to planting one tree for each new subscription to our services - and in 2021 we managed to plant 70 000 trees on behalf of our customers. We are very proud to enable the impact of more than 13 000 trees for our insurance partnership with ZEGO, as well as our 24 000 - with waste management partner REEN. 

We continue to plant these trees through WeForest, our trusted reforestation partner. Read more about our reforestation project here

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Switching to an electric internal fleet

In 2021 we have continued our efforts to switching to a fully electric fleet. We plan to have a fully electric fleet among our employees by 2023. The adoption enthusiasm has varied significantly across our different regions with some highly engaged in the action, while others rather sceptical and averse.

We are looking forward to sharing the reductions in our scope 1 & 2 emissions later in Q1 to drive more enthusiasm around this initiative.  

Woman watering WeForest seedlings in Nursery in Malawi

Making our supply chain greener

We have done many things in 2021 that have progressed our position toward a greener supply chain. 

  • Smart Connect: The future of telematics is here. Through our platform and in conjunction with OEM-installed hardware, telematics can now be enabled without the need for a third-party electronic device. This is revolutionary in the telematics space and reduces supply chain emissions tenfold, while simultaneously improving the way contractors report on their projects emissions
  • In cases where we do need hardware to enable telematics, generally older machinery, we have spent time researching alternative materials and suppliers that can help us fulfil our missions to have a green supply chain. Stay tuned for more details on this in the coming months. 

Environment clean up 

This year we sponsored the clean-up of 1 million plastic PET bottles from nature, specifically through Trash Mongers in Nigeria and Ecodrop in Ghana and tech partner Empower. 

To further express our commitment to the cause, our employees took to the streets for a local clean up on September 22nd. Across 7 cities, 300 employees collected 370kg’s of litter. This was our second annual event in support of World Clean Up Day and we plan to continue supporting this initiative again in 2022. 

We are passionate about providing opportunities for employees to feel engaged and find purpose in their work place. Encouraging participation in activities that have a positive environmental or societal impact are one way in which we do this. 

Drone image abax employees clean up day HQ Larvik

Diversifying the management team

We have always celebrated diversity in our work place, boasting 19 nationalities across 8 countries and an age span 21-68. However, gender diversity report in 2020 had only 22% of the leadership positions filled by women, with none in a senior management role.

This past year we have extended the senior management team, and 25% of our senior leadership team are female. We look forward to sharing our updated company diversity figures with you in the 2021 Sustainability Report launching at the end of Q1.

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