Commercial fleets: The impact of tracking on fuel costs, thefts and overseas travel

February: it’s cold, it’s dark but there’s definitely some silver linings. It’s a short month to start with, but it’s also a great opportunity for businesses to take stock and plan. Admittedly this February is going to be different from any other but there are still some opportunities to be had. 

Financial planning and vehicle tracking

With the catch up after the Christmas holidays out of the way, February is a great time to begin planning ahead for the new financial year. And planning for your finances in 2021 – 22 might be complicated by managing mileage and trying to reduce unnecessary vehicle costs. Vehicle tracking and driver behaviour tracking can help you take back control – so factor it in to your 2021 plans. 

On the point of driver behaviour, February is also statistically the coldest month of the year. And that means businesses often see a spike in drivers leaving vehicles idling. Even just one vehicle idling can waste a business two litres of fuel every hour* – if you multiply that by more than one vehicle and include additional hours of idling in colder months, the costs can quickly escalate. 

Using driver behaviour technology can help you manage idling but also ensure the most efficient journeys are being taken – all in all reducing unnecessary fuel costs. 

Do you want to learn more about how to reduce costs by using fleet monitoring? Visit our page for more information: Fleet Monitoring

GPS tracking to reduce thefts and recoup losses

Of course, at the top of the list for most businesses’ this February is concern around the ongoing lockdown. Although many construction sites and fleets have resumed some kind of normal business, theft of unattended vehicles, plant and power tools remains a concern.

Vehicle thefts increased by over 50% from 2018-19 according to RAC Insurance but the expectation is that 2020 will be even higher, with 2021 following that trend after thefts rose during lockdowns. With businesses taking a closer look at efficiencies and unwarranted spend, then it’s natural they’ll be looking to reduce the risks around thefts too. 

Along with improving the security of locations where vehicles and tools are left, vehicle and asset tracking can help fleet managers to locate stolen goods too – potentially saving significant costs in hiring replacements, and time dealing with insurers, police and more. 

Is the theft of tool or plant tracking a concern to you? We have dedicated packages for this reason:
Plant tracking
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Tracking vehicles overseas

Brexit is also still causing challenges for businesses. Although it’s a small reassurance amidst a lot of the difficulties posed by Brexit, vehicle tracking can help with monitoring the journey of goods through Europe – particularly when delays are likely and you want to keep an eye on progress.

Choose the right GPS tracking technology and you’ll still be able to manage your fleet overseas. The ABAX tracking technology works outside the UK. With the unit’s roaming SIM you can be sure the tracking unit is always connected to the strongest available network, so no map freezes or delay.

ABAX Mini2 might be the solution you need

We’ve just launched our brand new Mini2 - our smallest tracker that gives you a bird's-eye view on your plant machinery and assets. The Mini2 will be included in our ABAX Access package, which provides the complete ABAX solution for fleets and assets – so now really is a great time to consider improving how you monitor vehicles, tools and more.  

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