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Changing our values to keep in pace with growth

Having a strong culture, established on a clear set of values, is the difference between surviving and thriving. ABAX is expanding as an international business and our values, mission and vision should match our goals as a company. Therefore, ABAX have decided to change our mission, vision and values to match our new identity.

A company is a living breathing entity that changes over time and with a new strategy towards 2022 we like to be clear on the core in our culture and strategic management. 

Creating a mission and vision statement that's specific to ABAX venture will help our business or organisation move forward making sure all employees are on the same page.

The set core values will give a clear strategic direction to all employees building the foundation of our culture. 


The values have been worked on in several workshops with a project group with a combination of different departments and employees with different time of experience from ABAX. 

  • Workshop format 3 x 3 hours.
  • Brainstorm based on mood board inspiration and a creative process.
  • Top 3 alternatives on each topic 
  • Distribute this to all employees through survey and Podcast
  • Get feedback, input and conclude.
  • Engage internally

Values should live in the present

Narrowing values down and defining them helps employees focus and guide each behaviour more concisely.

  • Our values define your company beliefs and bring people together, building a community.
  • Company values are not just words, but a guide on how people operate and what’s expected of them.
  • The core values of an organization impact both internal and external affairs. 
  • They define not only how employees treat each other, but also the behavior expected toward clients, partners, and the broader community.
  • Values are only helpful when they’re expressed in everyday behavior.


Enthusiastic has always been a natural value for ABAX. We want to make decisions and keep momentum. Whether it’s a Sales meeting or an internal meeting, it always takes place with a positive attitude and a great drive.

Innovative is the perfect word for a SaaS-company that develop all hard and software ourselves. With innovative we are always striving to develop innovative features helping our customer to work smarter and more efficient as well as 100% compliant. 

Sustainable is a new core word for ABAX and has been given great attention. Internally by developing products that will help our customer emit less, as well as our packaging and offices is becoming more sustainable toward a C02 neutral company in 2022.

ABAX Mission 

A mission statement describes the overall purpose of your organization or business, and will be an answer to the question: What is the primary objective for the organization? 
ABAX new Mission: We provide sustainable and high-quality solutions that connects your valuable assets. 

ABAX Vision 

Vision and mission statements is meant to inspire in the long run and being the idealistic emotional future of the company. 
New vision: Simply connected. 

Our new vision is not actually new, it has been ABAX payoff for some time, and is perfect for what we do, connecting the workspace

Sandra Lindberg, Head of Corporate Communication

How will the new values be implemented internally?

– Each department will have department wise workshops to define what the new values mean for each department in their daily work. Adding personal goals that matches the new values s as well as delivering according to the KPI’s company grows and evolves, it may sometimes outgrow the core values that were at its foundation, Lindberg explains.