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Become a smarter business with ABAX IoT network!

Pål Kamfjord, ABAX' Director of Product explains how connectivity has become more important than ever to facilitate digital transformation.

One way to be prepared for the future is setting up your IoT network with ABAX – a good first step to become a smarter business.

Being able to keep control of all your valuable assets and your field operations remotely is not only making you more profitable and efficient, it is also more sustainable.

Pål Kamfjord, Director of Product

What is connectivity?

Connectivity is to be able to communicate over distance through technology. Kamfjord explains that ever since Alexander Graham Bell, famously known for inventing the telephone in 1876, had his breakthrough, people have communicated with each other over long distances and across continents, and at some point vehicles, machines and equipment also started to communicate.

Connectivity became important not only for humans, but also for ‘things’ – Internet of Things (IoT) was born.

Pål Kamfjord, Director of Product
Pål Kamfjord

Join ABAX’ network of 350.000 base stations

ABAX has over 350.000 base stations that are constantly moving – making ABAX one of the largest connectivity providers for portable items.

All vehicles, machines and equipment equipped with ABAX Hardware is part of our rapidly growing network.

Pål Kamfjord, Director of Product

How the large IoT network benefit all our customers

All new ABAX customers get started with a new, private IoT network – making them a smarter business, able to monitor and control all their movable assets. Kamfjord explains that all the data is protected within the private network, and never shared with anyone – but with ABAX hardware, the customer becomes a part of ABAX’ global network, where all customers can benefit from the power of the 350.000 strong base station network.

–    We grow with our customers, and our customers are growing faster due to the extensive service layer that ABAX offer to help smart businesses keep control, be more effective and run a more sustainable, streamlined and profitable business, says  Pål Kamfjord, ABAX Director of Product.

Higher profit for the business

Kamfjord explains that the value of having vehicles, machines and equipment that can talk together is enormous, leading to huge savings and higher profit for any business. Your equipment will tell you where they are, what they are doing and what they have been doing. They will also tell you if they are being used unauthorized, if they need service or maintenance, if they are available or occupied – not too different from how humans communicate.

We let those who care for us know, so that they don’t have to worry – and we can feel safe and connected.

Pål Kamfjord, Director of Product

How ABAX Global Network can bring value to your business

  1. Stop calling employees to locate your assets
  2. Stop buying replacement items that you already have (but can’t find)
  3. Start utilizing your assets  they do not bring value if they are not used
  4. Avoid delays due to not having the right equipment – at the right place, at the right time

Start your private IoT network today with ABAX, no hidden or variable cost, everything included and all the value from day one.

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