RFID in van

Avoid contamination among employees knowing who’s driving each vehicle

We are experiencing difficult times, and a significant number of employees in the transport, health and delivery services, ensure that the country is up and running. At ABAX we are proud to have you as customers. Did you know that we provide a service that can make the new, tough everyday life easier? Services that fits the times when you need total control over who's behind the wheel.

ABAX Driver ID is such a service, which helps you to connect the right driver to the vehicle for full control and right sharing of responsibilities among your employees. The service is designed for companies with multiple drivers per car. In case of infection among your employees, you will easily see which car should not be used by your healthy drivers. 

New drivers or temporary workers? 

There are industries having a significant number of employees in quarantine or have a co-worker that has been infected. With new employees or chauffeurs taking different shifts it can be chaotic to have a great overview. Probably a RFID reader can make it easier to manage your days as an administrator. 

This is how the hardware works 

Our hardware RFID 2.0 was upgraded this fall and is even better. When a driver is using one of the company's vehicles, logging on is easy. Log in with card or tag on the RFID reader installed in the vehicle or use our ABAX Driver APP. Each trip provides data such as trip info and Driver Behaviour that are collected in a real-time map and you can get the report right into your inbox. 

Download admin app  Download Admin app Android

Easy to install 

An RFID reader is easy and fast to install and you can do it yourself. The reader should sit on the dashboard for easy access for the employees, but as it is wireless, it communicates with your ABAX Triplog without a cable, and can be placed for the most convenient use for your business. The car does not have to be taken out of service and there is no need to go looking for a workshop that is open. 

Reminders leads to log in 

If the driver of the car forgets to log in, there will be a clear beep indicating that login is required. The employee must then use a card or tag to log in and the administrator gets an overview of who is behind the wheel. 

Why use the Driver ID service? 

  • Avoid trips without a driver 
  • Ensures good documentation for use throughout the car pool 
  • Good overview, also from home office 
  • Quick to install 
  • Easy to use 
  • Wireless connection with your road book 

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