Speedometer in a car

An Employer’s Guide To Safe Speeds When Driving For Work

Many organisations rely on driving to keep their business in operation. However, driving is a dangerous work activity that contributes to a large amount of accidents.

Not only do employees driving company vehicles face risks while driving, but are also capable of creating risks for others on the road. Driving at inappropriate speeds on work-related journeys is one of the main risks that your employees face, and create.

As a result of driving at high speed, reaction times then vary, meaning it takes longer to stop and the impacts of this can be more severe.

It is common that company car and van drivers often exceed speed limits in order to get to appointments on time, however as an employer, it is in your best interest to ensure that your drivers are driving safely and getting to their appointments on time.

As an employer, it is therefore important that policies and procedures are put in place to ensure safe driving and speeds on the road:

Driver Licence Checks

At least once a year, driver licence checks should be conducted as a standard procedure for all organisations.

Management To Set A Precedent

Management should lead by example in terms of driving safely as well as encouraging others to drive in the same manor.

Plan Journeys In Advance

Ensure that journeys are planned in advance, to allow sufficient time for drivers to complete their journeys at safe speeds and without having to exceed speed limits and causing risks.

Monitor Your Drivers

Using a driving behaviour tool, you can monitor different factors such as harsh braking and cornering, and be given a driver score. The results from these tools then give you the option to provide training and education to your drivers. This will in turn encourage safer driving and improve fuel efficiency.

Reporting Is Essential

It is important that all staff and managers who drive for work, report collisions when they happen and motoring offences. 

Provide Training and Education

If employees have been involved in a crash, or a speeding conviction, it is important for management to identify the full details and what can be learnt from the incident.