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After Covid 19 – let’s look forward

Cost effectiveness is now more crucial than ever. In this piece we give you 5 smart saving tips and measures that help your business and its competitiveness after Covid 19.

1. Free test with our ROI calculator

Facing financial challenges and rapid changes in laws and regulations, the first step to improve cost effectiveness is to get an overview. ABAX's ROI calculator test takes about 10 minutes and simulates the potential return on investment. So check the savings that you could obtain by conducting the ABAX solution based on the size of your business.

2. ABAX customer service awaits your call 24/7

Competition is tight in almost every industry, ABAX provides that extra insurance every company wants. We are here when you need us. Get in touch when it suits you and we will help get you started with setups and useful reports that help you save some additional money.

3. Demanding times require the best tracking hardware

Have you ever wondered how much employees' driving and irregular breaks cost your company? Our customer surveys show that the product ABAX Mileage Claim provides positive behavioural change in several areas. Employees arrive to their workplace on time, private use of commercial vehicles is being reduced, along with  employees staying at their workplace to a greater extent. Overall, the company's costs are reduced – and profitability increases.

4. GREAT customer service with ABAX's fleet management

All customers value delivery as promised and great follow-ups! Fleet control, trip history and GPS functions equals gold in terms of customer service. Using ABAX's live GPS map, you always know the exact location of the vehicles, once you know that, it's easy to give the customer updates as well as direct your employees away from traffic jams and other unforeseen delays.

5. The city of Larvik uses ABAX for upcoming crises

With ABAX, you can bring protection and crisis management up to a whole new level. In April 2020, the Municipality of Larvik chose to install ABAX GPS in cars used by the health service department. If an employee gets infected, within seconds management will know where the car has been, what it was used for and who has driven it. Smart? Definitely. There is no doubt that both customers and employees value companies that take protection and crisis management seriously.

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