ABAX user interface (UI and UX) revamp is launched

We are revamping our software to be part of the modern web UI age, based on customer requests. The improvement will help our customers to act on their data ready for any extended future growth. 

Our in-house software development team worked hard over the past 3 years on updating the whole interface and re-writing the backend code, and ABAX CTO Paul Walsh says it has been a tremendous achievement to make it happen. 

Helping the customers to use their data 

Over the past three years, ABAX has hired 25 new developers and invested a significant amount of money to be able to launch the update. CTO at ABAX, Paul Walsh, says this big investment is all for the benefit of the customer.  

ABAX main drive to improve the user interface (UI - what the software looks like) and user experience (UX - what it's like to use the software) was to make the ABAX solution easier for the customer to engage with and benefit from reaching and using their data. 

We’ve realised that most of our core users were only using a small percentage of the service and therefore did not benefit from using their data to cut costs and increase their efficiency.

Paul Walsh, CTO ABAX 
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Internal development team 

The development of software and hardware is done internally at ABAX Larvik and Gdansk, and therefore we can easily adapt our service based on input from our customers. 

We are committed to giving our customers access to the best experiences possible, with our focus being on solving actual problems our customers are facing and providing real value to them. We believe that investing in our Technology is crucial to match our company strategy.

Paul Walsh, CTO ABAX

New menu structure  

One of the most noticeable things for ABAX customers is the new top and left menu improving the workflow and enabling simpler decision-making for the team administrator. 

The old menu was based on the fact that most of ABAX customers had subscriptions for tracking either company vehicles or machinery. But as of today, the number of customers using the ABAX solution as a one-stop shop for all asset types is increasing. The new interface is making it even easier for a full overview of all company valuables. 

Driving behaviour revamp

The ABAX Driving Behaviour has now become even easier to use and a completely new design! It is even easier to analyse the company's scores, fleet trends, and drivers' driving patterns. The great overview will make it easier to give the drivers tips on how to improve and get started on reducing the company's emissions and fuel costs. 


New Design on Driving Behaviour


  • See and improve the company's score 
  • NEW! Trend overview 
  • Easier to compare drivers 

New report center 

From May 2022 it will be easier to find all the reports relevant for the fleet manager. The new Report Center tab is to be found in the top menu, and you will find all your reports in one space. 
With all reports gathered in one common area, the valuable data will be easier to find and act upon entering the ABAX interface. That is a great update from earlier version where the customer had to enter the different asset sections to reach the reports. 

More updates to come 

We are always working to improve the user experience and, without revealing too much, we can say that we already have the Admin App on our roadmap, making it even easier to make edits from your phone.  

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