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ABAX supports and focuses on Rewilding in 2022

In a world where environmental issues and global warming are urgent, ABAX continues to reduce its operational impact while developing solutions that help our customers control and manage theirs. 

Part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) work involves supporting worthy causes and initiatives that are contributing to reducing climate change. Each year we focus our efforts around a theme, where last year was cleaning plastic from the ocean.

This year we have focused our efforts on rewilding projects in and around the communities where our employees are based.

What is rewilding and why do we support it?

Rewilding is a nature conservation technique that focuses on reintroducing missing plants and animals and then stepping back and letting nature take control. Successful examples of rewilding include connecting wild spaces to one another to build more resilient ecosystems supported by natural pollination, where bees, bats, and insects thrive or where free-roaming herbivores are introduced, to naturally manage dynamic, biodiverse landscapes to develop rich fertile soil.

Turning the tide of climate change

At ABAX we believe that responsible management is vital to long-term value creation. This is the common ground between our CSR policy and rewilding projects around the world.

"Rewilding is an incredibly important part of turning the tide of this madness that is climate change, and ABAX is a proud supporter of rewilding in all our countries this year."

Atle Karlsen, CPO of ABAX.

ABAX’s core work is rooted in helping our customers waste less and preserve the assets they have for longer. We value and champion all solutions that are aimed at protecting our planet and rewilding techniques have been shown to restore areas to help biodiversity thrive.

ABAX proudly supports rewilding activities in the local communities we operate:

  • Norway: Stavern Diving Club
  • Sweden: Nature Conservation Society
  • Finland: WWF
  • United Kingdom: PECT
  • Netherlands: ARK Natuurontwikkeling
  • Poland: Stowarzyszenie Dla Natury „Wilk”

Stay tuned for information of our local projects.


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