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ABAX Smart Connect: Is it the technology or the vision?

In the world of design and architecture, a frequently heard principle is 'Form follows Function'. In the field of technology, I personally interpret this as 'Technology follows Vision'.

The vision of ABAX is ‘Simply connected’. As a forward-thinking business, we have been discussing and exploring the Internet of Things for years. However, despite more and more devices becoming connected, it somehow feels disjointed - there are a lot of different internets connected in a different way to a lot of different things.

This is because connectivity is the goal. In fact, the goal should be that data is simple, uniform and easily accessible and above all usable.

With the launch of ABAX Smart Connect we aim for just that! 

The market is the driver

As mentioned above, more things are connected -  cars, vacuum cleaners, fridges, tools and construction machinery to name a few. Although data is available 24/7, large-scale adoption is not forthcoming. In my opinion, this can be attributed to the fact that for each 'connected item' a separate portal, interface or app is required. All of which work slightly differently, have their own credentials and are often designed based on the manufacturer's (technical) needs and not (enough)with the customer's need in mind.  

In the construction machinery world, an important development that started in 2010 that has led to a change. In 2010, the AEMP (Association of Equipment Management Professionals) started to define standardised data end-points that were of interest to the users of construction machinery. A little over 10 years later this initiative has led to the ISO 15143-3 standard that is adopted by the most important brands. The standard is using defined data end-points and making them available in a standardised way. 

ABAX Smart Connect 

With ABAX Smart Connect we take this even one step further. ABAX Smart Connect is ABAX developed technology that makes it, in a very easy way, possible to access and use this standardised data from factory-installed hardware on construction machinery. Almost every construction company has more than one brand of machinery (and different types of assets).

Until now, these companies only had two choices. You either accept logging in to various systems, wasting an enormous amount of time on reports and manual work, or you install retro fit hardware which is expensive, not sustainable and removes the vital flexibility from modern day fleet management .

With ABAX Smart Connect you have a third option: 

  1.     Go to and log in on your account.
  2.     Go to ABAX Smart Connect and enter the credentials from your OEM system.
  3.     Select the machines you like to add and done! 
ABAX Smart Connect Homepage

All your machines together with your vehicles and tools on one platform with one login! 

Hitachi & ABAX, a proud partnership! 

Based on our strong relationship with Hitachi Construction Machinery we are very proud to announce that ABAX now is the software partner for Hitachi Europe. The vision from Hitachi is that their customers are best served using an independent total solution that supports machinery, vehicles and tools. ABAX’s independency ensures the data integrity and for OEM's Fleet management is not a core activity, for ABAX make this a simple and efficient task.

Hitachi smart connect plant tracking

ABAX Smart Connect the next step in Fleet Management, plug and play without the plug! So let’s play! 

Want to know more? Please reach out or check this link.

Martjin Zewald, Director Global Partnership ABAX AS

Written by:
Martijn Zewald
Director Global Partnerships ABAX AS