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This fall ABAX launched ABAX Smart Connect for machinery, a solution we have been working on for a long time. In short - ABAX Smart Connect will allow our customers to add their connected machines, from the worlds largest machine OEMs, to their ABAX account. This is our first move towards a brand-neutral, device-free telematics solution that seamlessly monitor and control your fleet of vehicles, machines, non-powered equipment and tools. 

We live in a connected world, where more and more of our surroundings offer connectivity and the amount of data we can collect is growing rapidly. It sounds positive, and it can be – but it also adds complexity for you as a user. 

The future is connected

Most OEMs have realised that the future is connected, and that they need to offer their customers onboard connectivity when delivering a new machine or vehicle. But connectivity alone will not bring any value to the user – the data must be put to work and it must be accessible for you as a user without adding to your workload. That is why the OEMs offer a web system or a mobile app to their customers to visualise the data from their connected machines.

The importance of brand neutrality

If you have purchased all your machines and vehicles from the same OEM, their web and apps are offering great value, often with deep technical analyses for each of your machines. But, if you would like the freedom to choose machines and vehicles from more than one brand, you will end up with a lot of data spread over multiple web platforms and mobile apps. Simple things, like generating a environmental report for your combined fleet or project, ends up as a time-consuming task – often involving excel sheets and complex calculations.

ABAX Access is a brand-neutral IoT platform with services that cover your needs for vehicles, machines, non-powered equipment and tools. All our services are powered by data, captured from our customer's vehicles, machines and tools. With ABAX Smart Connect you can chose if you want to add an ABAX device for connectivity, or if you would like to utilise the onboard connectivity offered by the OEM. The valuable vehicles, machines and tools services you get from ABAX remains the same, but the source for data capture might be different.

API ABAX Smart Connect


Here are just some of the areas where a brand neutral IoT platform will offer more value than the brand specific platforms;

  • Single log in and one mobile app to cover your fleet
  • Joint reporting on entire fleet
  • Full CO2 reporting (including vehicles and machines)
  • Worksite management with geofence
  • Everything in the same map – vehicles, machinery, equipment and tools
  • No hardware, no installation and no downtime
  • Instant access
  • Self-served – mix and manage your fleet based on season and needs


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Simply connected

ABAX strongly believe in a connected future, and trends show that OEMs are preparing for the same - more than 85% of new sold vehicles are connected, and we see the same trend for heavy machinery from the world's leading OEMs. In addition – we want to contribute to transparent data sharing and open platforms, because we believe that will give much more value to our customers than we can offer by our self. ABAX Smart Connect will bring us one step closer to a device-free, open and smart IoT platform that focuses on bringing value to our users rather than pushing more GPS devices into the market.

In addition to more value for our customers, a device-free offering have several positive effects on the environment. ABAX promised to be carbon neutral by 2022, we reached that goal 2 years early! ABAX Smart Connect will help us stay CO2 neutral - these are 4 important wins for our environment;

  1. Less electronic waste – only one connectivity device per vehicle and machine
  2. Less emission from logistics – no need to ship devices around the world
  3. Less plastic waste
  4. Less packaging/paper waste

We are excited for the future from a technology perspective, but also from a sustainable perspective. The future is connected, and with ABAX Access powered by ABAX Smart Connect we offer instant “click to connect” access to a sustainable, brand-neutral IoT platform that will cover your fleet management needs – vehicles, machinery, non-powered equipment and tools – regardless of brand – Simply connected.


Pål Kamfjord
Pål Kamfjord


Pål Kamfjord

Director of Product and Growth



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