ABAX Sales Professionals

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Mark Smith began working at ABAX as a booker in our UK office in Warmington in 2013, and now works as a Team Leader, with a team of 4 sales representatives.

You’re probably curious as to what made Mark begin his career in sales – he will answer that question for us:

“I have always wanted to work in sales.  The reason being, it keeps you busy, you can always strive for more, great careers are made in sales and hard work is recognised and rewarded. Other than that, the people that are in sales are typically more fun on a night out, especially at ABAX!!” said Mark.

Mark has seen the company grow over the 4 years that he has been working with ABAX, with the increase in UK employees and the office move to the ABAX Stadium.

Are you excited by the rapid growth of ABAX?

“I am.  It is crazy to see how far this company has come and it makes me very proud to be part of such an ambitious, fast growing company.  I am excited for what opportunities the future has and to see where ABAX is going”, Mark said.   

Mark has shown his talents in the sales department, by having great results month-on-month, as both a booker and a team leader. Mark has to ensure that his team is motivated, as well as conducting customer meetings and reaching his team’s monthly target.

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What skills do you need in order to be a successful team leader at ABAX? How do you motivate your team?

“I am always conscious of leading from the front, results, work ethic and making sure I am an overall ambassador for ABAX.  It also helps that I work with a great team, their attitude, general mindsets and talent makes my job very easy so unfortunately I can’t take the credit for the success.  My team is self-motivated”.