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ABAX - Assisting trades people to increase their profitability

In this article, you`ll get to know how 4 of ABAX's products quickly can increase profitability, especially in trades such as builders, plasterers and tilers. 

This is how trades people are increasing profitability:

Through customer surveys, ABAX has now identified 4 specific areas where especially trades people have potential to increase their profitability: 

Improved your company image with ABAX Driving Behaviour 

ABAX Driving Behaviour is a superb product that provides increased control of the company's car fleet and your drivers' behaviour. Do your employees spend too much time behind the wheel? Maybe you could reschedule their tasks for your business to get more billable hours. In addition, a company can save significant amounts on fuel costs alone. With ABAX Driving Behaviour you can actually see if your employee’s vehicles are idling too much.  

With ABAX Driving Behaviour, the management get input on how to change the driving routes, or change routines for picking up tools to improve company efficiency. 

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ABAX Driving Behaviour can increase the company's profitability quickly in especially 5 main areas: 
  • Lower fuel and service costs 
  • Increased environmental awareness and nicer driving among drivers 
  • Company vehicles get involved in fewer accidents 
  • Reduced private use of company vehicles among employees 
  • The vehicles' insurance premium cost less 

In other words, fleet monitoring provides valuable insight into drivers' driving data in the form of figures and statistics. This makes it easy for the management to give feedback on how each individual they can become more efficient and responsible chauffeurs. 

Big savings with telematics 

By installing our app the product ABAX Telematics is compatible with mobile phones. And with our brilliant map function, your supervisor always knows where the company vehicles are, who is driving them and how much they are idling. Studies show that the installation of ABAX Telematics in construction, plasterers and tiling companies leads to: 

  • Less private use of company vehicles 
  • Employees show up for work more precisely and stay there to a greater extent 
  • Improved logistics and more efficient distribution of work tasks 
  • Nicer driving, less wear & tear on vehicles and cheaper insurance premiums 

Complete control with fleet management 

Good project management, smart logistics and a high service level are keys to profitability for any company. When installing ABAX Fleet Management, the management of the trades company gets a complete overview of the geographical location of vehicles and drivers as well as their driving history. 
The ABAX map function is especially useful for companies that place expensive tools in only some of the vehicles, as it then becomes easier to send these vehicles from workplace to workplace in the most efficient way. 
ABAX services are also ideal for companies with several vehicles that want to improve their service level. At the touch of a button, the head office can see where the nearest vehicle is located, and give the customer an immediate answer as to when the masons will be on assignment. The ABAX unit also tracks the hours an employee has been at the customer address. The data can be hugely important if handling a customer complaint about the hours invoiced at the job. 

38 hours per year are lost searching for tools

Most trade companies make heavy investments in valuable tools and equipment. However, research shows that employees in craft companies spend an average of about 10 minutes every day, a total of 38 hours per year, looking for tools. 
An efficient tool tracking system solves the challenge. With our robust, small tracking devices, ABAX MINI, management always has a complete overview of where the tools are located. The benefits are several: 

  • Equipment is not misplaced, lost and purchased several times 
  • Equipment is to a lesser extent borrowed and forgotten to be returned by employees 
  • The company does not lose billable hours on tool searching 
  •  Employees' use of various company vehicles and tools is made more efficient 
  •  Stolen equipment is immediately located 


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