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ABAX partner up with Linkway to share data and provide GPS positioning

ABAX and Linkway today announced a new partnership which enables carriers who are using ABAX telematics to easily share positions with principals. The integration is a results of data sharing and will open new opportunities and services which increases the amount of features the customers will have on their solution. 


Enables to share positions 

Thanks to integration with ABAX, carriers who are using ABAX telematics can easily integrate with Linkway services and share positions with principals which means ABAX customers can share positions of vehicles so the customers business partners are able to see the positions in the Linkway solution. 

By using ABAX and Linkway a customer can get GPS data from multiple sources and see the combined picture in one solution.

Bjørn Brustad, Commercial Integration Manager, ABAX 

Multiple opportunities with the integration 

Linkway and ABAX operate with the same customers and there are many opportunities with this partnership. When integrating with ABAX, Linkways customer will gain more from the services they already have today and can gain more features in the same solution. 

-    With an open API and integration like this we enable the customer to specify what kind of data to be shared, for example GPS position or temperature in freezer trailer, says Brustad. 



Tool for transport, logistic, warehouse and freight forwarding processes 

Linkway is a comprehensive set of tools used in transport, logistics, warehouse and freight forwarding processes. Right now, Linkway operate mainly in Poland (90%), but they have also customers from Lithuana, Serbia, Czech Republic, Romania and Spain. 

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Bjørn Brustad, Commercial Integration Manager, ABAX 
Telefon: +47 48168793