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ABAX Net Promotor Score (NPS) increases for the third year in a row

ABAX announce that they have received top marks from its customers once again, increasing their Net Promotor Score and Customer Satisfaction score for the third year in a row. With an NPS score of 37 in 2019 they also rank higher than average Software & Apps companies.

Higher NPS than average 

NPS scores vary across different industries, but a positive NPS is generally deemed good. An NPS of +31 is generally deemed to be average for SaaS companies, according to Satmetric NICE 2018*, and anything above that is exceptional. With a score of +37 ABAX can note top marks from its customers in 2020. 

We are happy to announce an increasing result for the third year in a row. This is an acknowledgment of the hard work we've done the last few years.

Bruce Atle Karlsen, Chief Performance Office at ABAX 

Satmetrix NICE 2018 average NPS by industry
NPS measures the loyalty of customers to a company. NPS scores are measured with a single question and reported with a number from -100 to +100.

Established a Customer Success team  

2020 has been a different year for us all, ABAX have taken action when it comes to customer satisfaction, resulting in strengthening their business during the year. In addition to their 24-hour support and live chat they have established a brand-new customer success team to work closely with their customer base. 

We have been investing in a new Customer Success team who focus on onboarding our new customers, helping them to get started and utilise the system from day one.

Esther Andersen, Director of Account Management and Customer Success, ABAX

Customer Satisfaction up from 74% to 79% 

In addition to a top NPS score ABAX measure their customer satisfaction score every year and can announce that the score has also increased from 74% to 79% over the last three years. This means that over 79% say they are Happy with ABAX and the services they deliver in general. 


*Source: Satmetrix NICE 2018 average NPS by industry report  

The survey is sent from ABAX and have 1909 answers from customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Netherland, UK and Poland. To read the full report please contact Esther Andersen. 


For more information: 

Esther Andersen, Director of Account Management and Customer Success, ABAX 
+47 46 62 50 69

Sandra Lindberg, Director of Corporate Communication, ABAX 
+47 469 53 705

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