ABAX Mini tool tracker

ABAX Mini Is Now An Even Better Companion For Your Portable Tools

ABAX's smallest innovation, the ABAX Mini, has been upgraded to make it a more powerful companion for your portable tools and devices.


ABAX Mini uses Bluetooth technology and the ABAX Global Network to track power tools, portable tools and equipment. The smart, cost-effective, discreet positioning device measures only three by four centimetres, yet with the latest power-saving technology offers up to three years of use. The device is rugged, water-resistant (IP67), attaches easily to equipment and can be activated immediately by a touch of a button.


The ABAX Mini has been updated to provide users with more efficient positioning. Previously, the location of ABAX Mini was updated every 20 minutes. Now ABAX Mini's location information will automatically update whenever it is recognised by the ABAX Triplog. In addition, ABAX Triplog, which was previously able to identify and report three ABAX Mini devices at a time, can now identify up to 50 Minis. These updates are fantastic for larger customers with a lot of portable tools and equipment.

ABAX Mini Improved Features:

- Updates immediately visible in the map

- Up to 50 ABAX Mini identified simultaneously

- Improved reliability

Device updates take place automatically without requiring any customer action. ABAX offers easy-to-use devices, allowing customers to focus their time on the profitable tasks that matter.

Losing your tools is history

With the ABAX Mini, losing power tools and portable equipment can be a thing of the past. No more time and money is wasted while finding tools such as hammer drills, disc cutters, grinders, core drills, hydraulic tools, surveying/levelling gear, trench rammers, plate compactors, trailers and containers. ABAX Mini gives you full control.