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ABAX joins the Empower ‘1 million PET bottles’ campaign as the first company in Norway

Empower launched the ‘1 million bottles’ campaign in June 2021 to encourage businesses globally to clean-up 1,000,000 PET plastic bottles from rivers and nature in Africa and Asia. A small investment with great impact! 

“Our goal is to have a Green Supply Chain and be Carbon Neutral” 

ABAX joined the Empower '1 million bottles' campaign as the first company in Norway.

So, what was it that made ABAX join the campaign, what is their “Why”?

ABAX joined the campaign without hesitation. “We heard about Empower through our networks in Norway and were excited to see their technology help establish a transparent tracking system that makes recycling and collection more efficient and sustainable”, says Ms. Taryn Lynne Sumpton, Sustainability Consultant at ABAX, and continues: “We have a core team that is passionate about impacting positive change. One of our core aims is to promote SDG 11 and SDG 13 and enabling the diversion of 1 million bottles to landfill certainly helps this cause.”

Waste collection sponsored by ABAX in action by Trash Monger in Nigeria
Waste collection sponsored by ABAX in action by Trash Monger in Nigeria


Let's hear more from Taryn, how they work towards environmental protection and see the campaign supporting their sustainability management. 

What are the ABAX sustainability management goals at the moment?

ABAX’s two sustainability related goals are: Green Supply Chain by 2022, and Carbon Neutral by 2022. Also, our core business offering promotes companies to emit less and diminish a range of fleet and equipment management factors that have a detrimental environmental impact.  

ABAX´s I emit less pledge
ABAX´s I emit less pledge


Why is plastic waste pollution and collection important to you?

As we work to make our supply chain more transparent, we see the need for more activity in the market for recycled plastics. This space’s growth needs to be accelerated if businesses are going to be able to make fast changes in their supply chains to keep up with customer sustainability demands. 

Additionally, we run local programmes that get employees to clean up the environment diverting plastic away from the oceans. This is something we put focus on because we know that the world needs it and that it is right for companies to take responsibility where they can.

ABAX team in a waste clean-up event in Norway
ABAX team in a waste clean-up event in Norway


Have you seen the impact on your contribution in Ghana and Nigeria?

Seeing the video and visual content from our sponsorship was rewarding and encouraging. Working for an organisation that has chosen to allocate funds towards projects like Empower’s brings more fulfilment to working life and definitely inspires all employees to do more individually. We know of the inequality in basic services around the world and hope that our involvement in this campaign inspires other companies to get involved in projects like this one. 

PET bottles collected by Ecodrop in Ghana


Thank you for the interview, Taryn!

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Join the Empower ‘1 million bottles’ campaign here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/empowerplastic/