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ABAX Equipment control and rentals makes serious business

There are many types of rental businesses and among ABAX customers there is clearly a growth within machinery and equipment rentals. Here you can find out how rentals can benefit from ABAX Equipment control.

Does your company consist of rentals such as diggers, lifts, trailer or compressors? We can help you track them all. The ABAX solutions are all state of the art technology, hardware and software to fit your needs. Are you ready to increase efficiency with features like hour counts and location data? 

With the ABAX services, we can help you track and optimize all types of machinery and equipment, from large machinery to nonpower assets like containers and digger buckets. For the rental industry specifically, we can help to reduce time spent on tasks such as scheduling services with automatic alerts to enable you can be ahead of your competitors, always knowing where the rentals are. Knowing indeed where all assets are at all times.

Ever heard about geofence?

If you have Geofence on your rental area you will be notified when your assets are on the move. Geofence areas allow you to create a virtual area that overlays the map in your interface. This area is given a name and can be used to help gain control over your assets. The geofence can be used for reporting features or help to protect your assets against theft. In other words it will give a complete overview of where all of your assets are, displayed in one map!

Maintain and increase efficiency 

To maintain efficiency it is essential for a rental business to have machines available, ready to go.
With ABAX Equipment control there will be less unexpected maintenance. The most costly factor that can happen is when a rental machine stops working for a customer. It may cause issues within a customer relationship, and you have to spend time and resources on repairs. 

Know where your rentals are at all times  

Spending time looking for machines and manually keeping track is by no means profitable. Your rentals should preferably be with a customer earning you money and not left out of use for unplanned maintenance. What if we told you that ABAX has a tracking system that notifies you about upcoming maintenance whilst showing you where the machines are situated?

With ABAX Equipment Control alerts can be set for regular inspection as well as service on hours of use. These alerts can be received by SMS or e-mail, you can also define that some machines send notifications directly to a designated person. 

If you have to look for equipment 10 minutes every day you waste 38 hours in a year.


How does it work?

A small GPS unit is easily installed onto the equipment. It communicates directly with our servers and reports back its current location. Using our web-based interface you can easily see the location of your equipment in the integrated Google maps.

If you connect your ABAX unit to the ignition you will be able to see, amongst other benefits, how many hours your asset has been active on a site. This enables you to follow up service intervals, and receive valuable information you can use for invoicing your customers. The ABAX Equipment Control can be used without the need to connect to a power source. Our internal battery can last up to 6 years between charges.

Tracking non powered equipment

There is no problem monitoring equipment without an internal power source, such as: containers, ground engaging tools, compressors and the like. Installation is easy, simply mounting your ABAX Equipment Control unit onto the equipment you would like to monitor, this can be done with brackets or our unique cage. For the best possible GPS-signal the unit should not be mounted under metal and with a clear view to the sky. 

The unit can operate for up to 4480 hours using an internal, long-life battery with no need for maintenance. The E”2 is available in Small or Large depending on the size of the equipment you would like to track and the frequency of the positionings you require.


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EQS with silicone protection

Tracking powered equipment

Equipment we refer to as “powered equipment” is an asset that has its own power source. Typical machinery in this category can be: excavators, dumpers, sax lifts or trailers. For these we have hardware called ABAX5. The unit monitors the usage of the machinery and will send you a notification when it is time for service or maintenance, you will be able to invoice for every minute your customer has turned on the ignition.











Why choose ABAX for your rental business?

  • Control: Gain a full overview over all rentals
  • Improved invoicing: Know the exact usage by the customer
  • Reliable: Tested and approved by TUV with IP69K
  • Functional: Automatic alerts for maintenance or equipment moving out of your set geofence
  • One system fits all: Track all company assets within one system integrated with other company data such as Onlet
  • Easy access to next service or maintenance
  • No more manual routines

Read more about tracking solutions for the rental industry 

TUV approved

You do not have to worry that ABAX Equipment Control will interfere with electronics, that is why many of the larger brands in machinery have chosen ABAX. For example: Hitachi.  Not only is our ABAX5 unit TUV approved with ECE-R10 so we can guarantee that we will not affect the machine in any way, it is also IP69K approved. So if you need to wash your machine with 80 ° C water at 8-10 MPa (80-100 bar) then it is perfectly fine with an ABAX5 installed.

Open API

Did you know that we have an open API at ABAX ? Our system ensures to get all the data over to the rental system from Onlet with integration ready to use. Onlet is a tailor-made solution for machinery and equipment owners, it is easily integrated with ABAX. With the very latest web technology, we make your rental business even more profitable.

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