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ABAX Commits To Carbon Neutrality By 2022

During their annual Kick Off in January, ABAX Group announced their goal to become carbon neutral by 2022. To reach this goal, ABAX will focus on four key areas: energy efficiency, carbon offsetting, intelligent vehicle solutions and purchasing clean electricity.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of ABAX, having included in their standard business practice, the ISO 14001 certificate compliance which addresses environmental management.

"We have always tried to reduce the negative impact that our business has on the planet, but I am extremely proud to announce a new era in our business as we commit to Carbon Neutrality by 2022" says Bruce Atle Karlsen, Chief Performance Officer at ABAX.

New Environmental, Social and Governance strategy (ESG)

The practicalities of such a commitment mean that we will need to assess each part of the value chain and outline the best practices and activities we will engage in to improve the impact each department has on the environment. We aim to shift our corporate fleet to electric vehicles and make improvements to how we manufacture and ship our sensors, among others. These are just some of the activities that will create 


ABAX is investing to improve the energy efficiency of its own buildings, and the new HQ in Larvik, owned by Fritzøe Eiendom AS is CO2 neutral. With usage of recycled bricks from the old building, the new HQ is environmentally friendly and during the construction the entrepreneur, Helge Klyve AS, recycled 90% of the waste. Reusing material is a hot topic in the industry, and the “Mølla” building complex stands out as a great example. When the building is in use, efficient light and heating deployment is crucial, and we use district heating for warmth.

Sales linked to reforestation

ABAX has also partnered with WeForest who share the same commitment for a better world and intend to plant a tree for every subscription sold, starting in spring 2020.

"We hope to become an example to other organisations both around Larvik HQ and the rest of our offices across Europe", says Karlsen.

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Bruce Atle Karlsen, Chief Performance Officer