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A greener fleet will make your business grow

ABAX Access is a brilliant product that reduces energy-related costs. Not only that – it will make your company, fleet and reputation greener.

Today, customers and businesses expect and need cost-effective energy solutions to be competitive. In the face of these increasing demands, many industries are seeking solutions that will take their current fleet systems to the next level.

Are you, as a business or fleet manager, able to monitor fuel consumption and do you know how to monitor how often your corporate fleet makes unauthorised stops or idles unnecessarily? 

The challenge

For most organisations, energy costs are the biggest challenge to achieving sustainable business growth. Transport-related companies also face extra pressure from the Government and general public to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Although this is complex, using ABAX Access can help you to achieve this efficiently with minimal admin time, by employing a system that provides reliable reporting metrics year on year. 

The add-on service: Driving behaviour can reduce company fuel costs and emissions.

The amount you can save

If you have more than 250 employees, have in excess of £36 million in annual revenue or a balance sheet greater than £18 million, you may be subject to annual reporting requirements under the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) legislation. Organisations that meet two out of these three criteria must annually report their energy consumption and carbon emissions. 

The ABAX Access gives you a kick-start

All this is possible with the ABAX Access, which has an anti-tamper solution that ensures reporting is accurate and cannot be falsified. Not only does it ensure that your corporate vehicles and machines are better equipped to provide the correct emission reports, you also gain the insight you need to manage and reduce emissions. 

Use this data in a smart way and create positive stories that you can share with your customers and that inspire your employees to find new meaning in their daily jobs. 

  • Fleet efficiency
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Reporting CO2 emissions
  • GDPR Compliant Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet management – monitoring vehicle usage
  • Driving behaviour
  • Grey fleet management
  • Equipment usage
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5 tips for correctly classifying trips and reducing unauthorised trips to cut company emissions

  1. Eliminate unauthorised use. The ABAX solution enables you to see whether your vehicles have been used for unauthorised trips, which allows you to take action to reduce this fuel expenditure and the related CO2 emissions.
  2. Ensure each of your drivers uses the ABAX Driver App so that they can easily specify whether their trip was Private or Business with our simple toggle function.
  3. Log into the live map function and efficiently divert drivers for better fleet utilisation. You can access Vehicle Utilisation reports for details about each vehicle in your fleet. 
  4. Maintain a clear overview of each driver’s Driving Behaviour Score, which tracks driving incidents and also idling time where a lot of CO2 is emitted and fuel wasted. 
  5. If you are monitoring machines, then you can access reports for a clear overview of the Usage Log for every piece of equipment. 
Did you know that ABAX is investing in a reforestation project with WeForest?

Mandatory reporting

SECR Reporting is mandatory for larger companies, but smaller fleets look set to be subject to government regulations in the future. The reports will require companies to report the emissions from corporate-owned vehicles and equipment and on what action they are taking to reduce their environmental impact. 

Furthermore, customers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for change. Trends have emerged in the green economy showing high levels of loyalty and engagement with brands that take ownership and share their stories.

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 What emissions are you responsible for?

  • Fuel used in company cars on business use
  • Fuel used in fleet vehicles that you operate on business use
  • Fuel used in personal/hire cars on business use (including fuel for which the organisation reimburses its employees following claims for business mileage) Fuel used in private jets, fleet aircraft, trains, ships or drilling platforms that you operate
  • Onsite transport such as fork-lift trucks

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