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Correlation between poor driving and corporate reputation

Research shows that when a driver in a branded company vehicle ignores the highway code and undertakes poor driving behaviour, it gives the company a bad reputation. A survey conducted by Northgate found that 37% of van drivers believe that the appearance of their van has an impact on how much business they win.  

Brand reputation

In 2018, Northgate conducted a survey on driving behaviour among company van drivers. 44% of the general public surveyed, think that a company vehicle that is in good condition has a reflection on the quality of the company’s work that they undertake.

Another factor leading to the bad reputation of a company, is poor driving of a company vehicle, specifically if it is branded with company names and logos. If a company vehicle is driven badly, it is likely that a company’s reputation is affected, and will lose business as a result. 

Driver scores trigger competitive instinct

The ABAX Driving Behaviour feature continuously monitors your driver’s score and collects statistics, points out specific areas of improvement and allows you as a manager to take a precautionary approach to your employees. The feature even creates a driving score according to the following 4 criteria:

  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh right turn
  • Harsh left turn

We all know that for a fact that miserable drivers can affect a company's reputation, but in addition there’s no doubt they can be very expensive regarding regularly expenses too. Unreasonable driving, incorrect gearing, harsh braking and accelerations has its price when it comes to fuel, garage maintenance costs and insurance. Think about it – an easy, fun competition that keep scores of which employees are the most considerate drivers can certainly trigger colleagues to make an extra effort in this field.

Improved driving behaviour - increased profitability

Most companies that use our service experience that Driving Behaviour provides savings and increased profitability in 4 main areas:

  • Decrease in fuel and servicing costs
  • Increased environmental awareness among drivers
  • Company vehicles are involved in fewer accidents
  • Decrease in insurance costs

In other words, the ABAX Driving Behaviour feature is not just a useful tool that gives you better control of your company's fleet and the drivers' behaviour on the road. This feature certainly has a potential with regards to increasing your company's profitability as well.

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