Summer safety on the construction site

7 safety tips on your construction site during summer

It is not only theft of equipment and tools that is a threat for construction sites during summer, the extreme weather can also be a challenge which means it can be difficult to keep the most important assets you have safe... Your staff. 


Tip 1: Keep digital inventory lists 

Construction sites can be easy targets when lacking proper security and lack of control over the tools on stie.

The main problems losing assets:

  • Poor overall site security
  • Lack of time management
  • Sharing the project with other contractors
  • The manager is absent
  • The workers are ill
  • No product identification systems

The use of trackers, even on the smallest tools, will help you create your inventory list and therefore you will know on a daily basis where all the company assets are as well as how they are being used.

Tip 2 : Keep your site well-lit during the evening 

Security guards are expensive but a proper illumination with sensors might scare any would be thief away. Even though the burglars are ruthless they prefer working in the dark and would not like to be seen. 

Tip 3 : Set up a geofence

Create a digital fence which alerts you when your assets leave a geographical area of your choice, you will have peace of mind that your assets have another layer of security

Tip 4: Be present physically or digitally

As a manager you probably won't have any opportunity to take time off but if you do you can still track and monitor your assets. That way you can keep an eye on how often your assets are being used and you will be alerted if anything does go missing. There are multiple Apps that can help you having easy access to monitor vehicles, machines and tools.

Tip 5: Provide shade and water  

The warm weather can be a health risk if your staff are not hydrated. Prevent heat exhaustion by providing a water station for quick access for your employees which will help them drink more water during the shortest breaks. If there are no natural shadings on your work site your could consider proving sun protection. Remember to use our Apps to keep an eye on staff using the air conditioning from your fleet. Idling costs can be significant during extreme heat and cold. 

Tip 6: Plan your tasks during a job

If it is possible to do tasks indoors during the hottest hours or days and save the outdoor work for the days when the temperatures are slightly less extreme.

Tip 7: Dress to compete with the heat

There are certain tasks where appropriate clothing is required. PPE clothing is required to work in a construction zone, however there are lightweight safety apparel with more breathability which are highly recommended during summertime.

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