Equipment tracking in the summer months

5 Reasons To Protect Your Equipment This Summer

With summer fast approaching, now is the time to consider the fact that building sites are left alone during the summer months, and expensive equipment and machinery are left behind. We've put together five reasons why you should think about securing your equipment with technology before you leave on a jet plane this summer.

1. Save time trying to find your equipment

We have all been there, right? Spending hours when we return from vacation trying to remember or find where we or one of our colleagues left the equipment? With ABAX Equipment Control you will have a full overview of all your assets in a digital map. This way you don’t need to call up all of your colleagues hoping that one of them can remember where they left it.



2. Receive notifications if machinery/equipment leaves a predefined area

If you’re worried somebody will intrude the building site and remove equipment during the summer, there is a solution for you. With a geo-fence, you can predefine an area where your assets are kept, and if they happen to move out of this area, you are automatically given a notice.



3. Don't worry about unauthorised use

Do you suspect your machinery and equipment are being used during the summertime outside of the agreed terms and conditions? With usage log, you will have a full overview of the usage of your machinery and equipment. It simply monitors the running time of the engine, meaning you don’t have to worry about unauthorised usage.



4. Get a full overview from your mobile phone, tablet or PC

We all know the feeling of being so relaxed on holiday, that we want to check up on how business is going while we are away. Luckily you can keep track of your equipment from any internet-connected device, just to make sure everything is in place, and then go back to enjoying that cold beer.

5. You’ll get support 24/7

Even during the summer months, our customer support is open 24/7, so if you have any questions you will always find an answer with our customer support.


There is no reason why this summer shouldn’t be the best ever. With ABAX Equipment Control you can let your guard down, and enjoy the summer as it is meant to be, with cold drinks, BBQ's, friends and family. If anything happens, ABAX has got your back.