Fleet Manager

4 Tips to Help Improve Fleet Management

If you are a Fleet Manager, you will understand the challenges that come with running a fleet and managing your drivers and vehicles. We've put together 4 key tips to help make your job a little easier! 

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day?

Or do you worry about the safety and well-being of your drivers?

Well, not anymore! Choosing an efficient telematics supplier, such as ABAX, can help reduce your work load and your work worries. Here are 4 Top Tips to get you started:

Stay Tax Compliant

HMRC regulations can be tough to follow. One of the primary features of our vehicle tracker, ABAX Triplog, is that it has been designed to be 100% tax compliant – so you no longer have to worry about getting caught by the tax man! Yes, that means no more worries about hefty tax fines and having to keep to up to date with the changing laws and regulations!

What’s more - our employees also receive extensive training into vehicle taxation laws, so you can rest assure that you are receiving expert advice from our team!

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Go Paperless

It’s time to get with the times! Are your drivers still spending valuable time filling out manual mileage logs? If so, it’s time to install an electronic vehicle trackerABAX Triplog is a GPS unit which is permanently connected to our servers; meaning all journeys are automatically tracked. Going paperless can save you an awful lot of time and money! 

Put Safety First

As a Fleet Manager, you already know that that the safety of your drivers comes first. To help ease your concerns, ABAX Triplog offers you real-time tracking and driver behaviour, so you can view the exact location and speed of your drivers on a live map. You can also get a driver score for each driver, based on their driving behaviour (harsh braking, harsh accelerating and harsh cornering). Not only does this increase safety but will also save you money on the maintenance of your vehicles.

Driving Behaviour - Driver Scores

Remember You’re Not Alone

ABAX offer 24/7 Customer Service, which means we are always on hand to help our customers, no matter the hour! Whatever your query, we are here, and happy to help. 


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