Speed Cameras

15 Types of Speed Camera In The UK

Road safety has never been more important, with multiple types of speed camera existing on the road nowadays. It is important as an employer to be aware of the different varieties of cameras and which might be the most costly ones for your business. The best option of course is to stick to speed limits, which the feature ABAX Driving Behaviour will help you with. 

Some cameras are front facing and some are rear facing. This is valid information in order to inform your employees of the different cameras that they could get stung by, if they drive at high speeds and not to the necessary speed limit for the road. There are actually 15 different speed camera types in the UK. These are: 

1.    Digital Gatso speed cameras 
These cameras are the younger brother to the non-digital Gatso, that has been seen on the road for nearly 30 years. Both the old and new digital version have a distinct yellow colour, and are easy to spot by vehicles on the road. The newest version has large rear facing cameras, made to not dazzle the driver if they are speeding and the camera has to flash. This type of camera can be found in crowded areas, to ensure the speed limit is not exceeded. 

2.    Truveli Combi speed cameras
These types of cameras are forward facing, however they don’t flash, they just measure the speed that vehicles are driving at. The technology in this camera uses infrared technology and sensors to calculate your speed between three painted lines on the road. 

3.    Truveli D-Cam speed cameras
These cameras are installed for both rear and forward facing.

4.    HADECS3 speed cameras
The Highway Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System has the most advanced technology, using radar technology. 

5.    SPECS average speed cameras
These cameras use a combination of video and Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR) technology in order to track motorists between at least two cameras on motorways and dual carriageways.

6.    VECTOR average speed cameras
If you see one of these cameras, that is painted yellow, then be aware that it can catch you over the speed limit. However, if you spot Grey VECTOR cameras , perhaps dotted around city centres, then these cannot catch you for speeding. These are ANPR cameras used for enforcement of bus lanes, traffic lights, yellow-box junctions and the Congestion Zone. They're also used at tolls and for parking management. 

7.    Siemens SafeZone average speed cameras
These cameras are used to capture number plate registrations, and calculate the average speed between two cameras. A speeding ticket is then issued if you are driving over the average speed limit. 

8.    SpeedSpike average speed cameras
These cameras look for motorists that are speeding in both directions and can be found in the central reservation of roads. The cameras are positioned together but facing away from each other. 

9.    Peek speed cameras 
You will find these cameras positioned as rear-facing, and will flash your vehicle if you are caught speeding.  

10.    SpeedCurb speed cameras
These cameras are able to take three digital photos as proof of the law being broken. The first two photos are wide-angled to show the vehicle in full, while the third photo is able to zoom in onto the vehicle's number plate. These cameras are the tallest-mounted units currently being deployed in the UK.

11.    Traffic light cameras 
These cameras are triggered by radar technology or ground loops in the road at junctions, and are able to take photographs of vehicles that skip red lights.

12.    REDFLEX speed cameras
Ever thought that speed cameras can catch multiple speeding at one time? These cameras do exactly that, so make sure that your employees are aware they can be caught speeding no matter which direction they are travelling in.   

13.    Mobile speed cameras
These cameras are usually hidden inside a vehicle, manned by an individual, and are commonly seen on the side of the road, perhaps on motorways. 

14.    DS2 mobile speed cameras
Similar to number 13, DS2 mobile speed cameras are mobile, however these are able to be left unattended and unmanned on the roads, to capture speeders unexpectedly. 

15.    Long ranger mobile speed cameras
These types of speed camera are the longest distance speed enforcer, and are able to capture speeding drivers from one kilometre away. As well as capturing speed, it is able to catch other offences such as drivers not wearing seat belts, using a phone behind the wheel tailgaters and people that stay in the middle-lane. 

Is speeding a problem among your drivers? Give us a call and we can help you to improve your employee’s Driving Behaviour.