ABAX Access

Complete control over your vehicles, machines and tools

With ABAX Access, you have complete access over your vehicles, machines, tools and assets.


What is included in ABAX Access?

ABAX Geofence

Live location monitoring

Our maps will show you where your vehicles, machines and tools are from your phone, tablet or computer. If you want full control over your vehicles and machinery, or you'd like to know where your tools are as any point now you can, with ABAX Access.

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Reduce vehicle maintenance

Take control of your employee's driving behaviour

If you want to ensure your vehicles are being fully utilised and are not being driven badly then ABAX Driving Behaviour is the solution for you. You can get live driver behaviour analysis which will ensure your fleet is more efficient.

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mobile phone with driving behaviour

Tool tracking

Find lost tools and assets with your mobile

You now can have complete control of your smallest assets ensuring your business is completely connected. With ABAX Access you will have up to date information on where your tools are at any point. This will help prevent loss and theft adding an extra layer of security and connects seamlessly with our ABAX Global Network

Other key benefits

  • Mileage allowance for private trips
  • Fleet tracking 24-7
  • Equipment log for assets
  • Overview of service and maintenance
  • Integration with other systems
  • Practical APPs
  • 24/7 customer service
  • CSR profile
  • Open API

Emit less with ABAX
Emitt less CO2 with ABAX

24-hour Customer Service

With our 24 hour Customer Support you will find our reliable team helpful whenever you need us

Customer Support

Our tracking devices

The ABAX Global Network enables the tracking of vehicles, machinery and tools.

MINI2 Tooltracker


Handheld tools

At only 40mm, the ABAX MINI is one of the industry's smallest tracking devices. It was developed by ABAX specifically for tracking your smaller tool. It is easily clicked on valuable assets such as a bicycle or air pressure drill with a magnetic sleeve or screwed on with brackets.

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Tracking and usage log for cars and machines

ABAX 5 and 6S can be used on both cars and equipment. Connect the tracking device to the battery of the car or machine, and get full access to use and position when you need it most.

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Do you want to order the new ABAX package or upgrade your existing package?

Do as thousands of others, save time and money by tracking tools and equipment with equipment control. Questions? Call us on 01733 698 888 or email: customerservice@abax.co.uk

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