ABAX Worker - User Manual for Mobile App



Login with the username and password created in My ABAX. Remember to use your own country code (e.g. +44) before your phone number.

App overview

My tasks

Before exploring a specific task, let us examine how tasks are presented in the app. A task may appear in one of three categories depending on its status; My tasks, Unassigned tasks and Completed tasks.

My tasks is the default tab that opens when you first launch the app. In this tab, you see a list of tasks assigned to you. Press any of the tasks to open them. If you press and hold on a task, you can slide it sideways for shortcuts.

The shortcuts are:

  1. Complete a task
  2. Add hours
  3. Fill in checklist
  4. Photo documentation

Unassigned tasks

Unassigned tasks is a list of tasks available to all employees in your company. You can view the task list and choose a task you want to work on. To assign the task to you, open it and then press assign.

By pressing assign, the task moves from Unassigned tasks to My tasks. Even though the task has moved, it is still be available to other employees under Unassigned tasks. This allows multiple employees to work on the same tasks.

Completed tasks

Completed tasks is a list of all tasks with status Complete. Even when a task is set to Complete it is still possible to read and edit documents.


Sites shows you all the Personnel logs on various projects. It will list all active projects with its address. It will show the project you are checked in on if you are checked in and give you the option to check out.

Click on a project to see a detailed list of People on site. Pres the Blue floating button to either Check-in me or Check-in non-employee.

Check-in me checks you in to the construction site manually.

Check-in non-employee lets you check in an employee on the construction site that does not have access to the ABAX Worker App. Remember that you need to check this employee out to remove him from the construction sites personnel log.

Note: As well as being able to manually check in, you have the option to use our automated feature that checks you in and out of the construction site without having to do anything. Talk to your employer to agree on what method your company is using. Using the automated feature will use your phones GPS to determine your location and check you in and out of the construction site as long as the app is running in the background.


Tasks are ordered by time remaining until the deadline with the shortest deadline at the top. By pressing a task and opening it, you have a number of options.

Task details

Below that map and the play button there is a section for task description, a description of the task added by your project manager or administrator.

Task progress is a bar set by employees to show how far along they are on the task not accounting for hours spent.

Field Description
People on site View of all workers checked-in to the construction sites personnel log
Check-in Check-in on the construction sites personnel log
Navigate Opens external navigation app to the construction site
Days to deadline Days remaining until the deadline
Description Description of the task
Task progress Task completion in percentage
Document Documents added or filled out on the task
Materials Material usage on the task
People People connected to the task both internal and external

Register hours

To register hours on a task simply press and hold the big play button.

A counter will start, displaying time spent working on this task.

To stop the counter, open the task and click the stop button. When clicking the stop button you can review the hours logged. By checking out, you have a number of options.

Field Description
Start time/ Stop time Editable start and stop time
Duration Total time of this registration
Lunchtime Total lunch time (No lunch, 15, 30, 45 or 60 minutes)
Salary Select the salary type for this registration
Task progress Set task completion progress in percentage
Comment Any comment on the registration
Report Save the registration

To see your total hours for the day, week or month open My time.


As soon as you enter the task a view of a map will be visible. At the top of the map there three options. People on site, check-in and navigate. People on site will show you who are registered on the personal log for this site.

Check-in lets you manually check-in to the personal log for the construction site. As soon as your checked-in this will change to Check-out and checks you out of the personal log for the construction site.

Navigate opens your preferred GPS-application (Google Maps or Apple Maps) with directions to the task.

Note: This will open an independent application that is not associated with ABAX Worker.


The five last submitted documents will be listed, all documents connected to the task will be listed, checklists filled in on the project as well as external documents uploaded by a Project Manager or Administrator. Photos taken for a task are also uploaded here. Click See all to view all documents added to the task.


Below documents the five last added materials will be listed. To view addition usage press See all.

There are two ways to add materials usage to a task. The first is to open a task and select the option Add materials from the blue floating button. You can choose the material you want and add the amount used. When finished, press Save and you will get an overview of all material usage added to the task. 

The second is by using the tabs at the bottom of a task you are working on. Your first view will be the list of material usage on the task. Press Add materials usage choose the material you want and add the amount used.

When adding material usage, you can search for existing materials or add a new material by pressing New. If you add a new material, you need to choose a Material name and its Unit of measurement, then save. You can now add usage of this new material.


People are listed at the bottom in the task view. Press See all to view all people connected to the task.

People gives an overview of people connected to the task. It will list the Project Manager, contact person for the customer and other Workers assigned to the task.

There are options to directly send an SMS or call.

The blue floating button

Add additional task

Allows a Worker to add a new task to the project they are currently working on.

Field Description
Task name Give the task a name. Required field
Description Create a description for the task. Required field
Availability Choose whether the task is added to Unassigned tasks or My tasks
Estimation Estimate how long this task will take
Start When does the task start?
Deadline What is the task deadline?

Note: If you set the task to Availability to My tasks, it will not visible to other employees with access level Worker. If you select Availability to Unassigned tasks, it will be available for all Workers and appear in task view Unassigned tasks.

Report time

Report time takes you to the same view as described in live check-in section. The biggest difference is that this option allows the possibility to register hours without having to start a live check-in. Choose your hours based on when you started and stopped working.

Report nonconformity

To create and report a nonconformity case press report nonconformity:

Field Description
Date and time Select a date and time to the case
Category Select a category for the case
Severity Select the severity of the case. This choice affects deadline given to the solve the case. The higher the severity the shorter the deadline
Description Create a description for the case
Location Set location of the case
Affected people Add the people involved in the case
Temporary solution applied Description of temporary solution if applied
Suggested solution Add a suggested solution

In Nonconformity, there is a second tab called Images used to upload files.

When a nonconformity case is created, it is set with status Waiting for validation and delegated to the one responsible for nonconformity in your company. While the case has the status Waiting for validation the person responsible for the nonconformity can change and add data. If the person responsible requires more information, it will reappear on the Workers My tasks list as a case. All updates to case are logged.

Add checklist / Read article

To access HSE / QA click the The blue floating button and press Add checklist / Read article

This view will list all attached documents such as checklists to complete, articles to read. There is also functionality to add new documents from the HSE/QA library, these can be added by Administrators, Project Managers and Workers.

There are two views to choose between.

Field Description
To complete A list of documents added to the project that require completing
To read A list of documents added to the project that require reading
Select another from library Opens up the HSE/QA library to add new documents required 

Add photos

You can instantly add photos to a task from your gallery (Add photo from gallery) or take the photo (Take a photo). If you select Take a photo, it will automatically open the phone camera to take the picture. Upload photos are visible for all employees.

Mark as complete

Mark the task as complete. Note: This will remove the task for all workers.

My time

My time show hours reported by week or month. You can use the tabs at the bottom to switch views.

Weekly view

Display your hours reported per day and per week. At the top, you can scroll through previous weeks. Selecting a day from the list allows you to add additional hours.

Monthly view

The Monthly view displays monthly statistics for hours registered. It will show workdaysso far this month, how many Workdays with registered time, and how many Workdays without registered time. You can select Workdays without registered time to get a list of the days missing hours. If required, you can select a day you want to register hours (see the Registered hours section).

In this monthly view, you can also view statistics of the hours reported for the different salary types.


Nonconformities show you the cases you sent in to your company, either on project or company level. You can view the status on old and new cases. From this view, it is also possible to add new nonconformity cases.

My profile

My profile shows the information about you in ABAX Worker. You and the Administrator are able to edit and change the content of the profile. There are three tabs in the bottom of this view About me, Address and Emergency contacts.


Takes you to the complete HSE and QA library for your company.