ABAX Driver App

Are you struggling to find time to deliver your mileage claim? The Driver App makes it easy to manage your trips and search for lost tools from the palm of your hand, with the paperwork done in no time, wherever you are.

Set the right purpose on the go

All information in the map

The Driver App makes it easier to manage and submit trips from your phone. Set the right purpose and tick for private or business on each trip in seconds.

  • Manage and filter all your trips

  • Sign off mileage digitally

  • Quick and easy overview of all company tools from the map

  • Select vehicle with our Driver ID service

  • Choose your preferred map view

Find assets with your phone

Search for assets equipped with BLe

There is no longer need to call the fleet manager to look for tools. Use your phone to search for updated positions on all company assets.

  • Choose the map icon to search for assets

  • Tick the white symbol to scan

  • Your phone will search for your assets

  • See all vehicles, tools and machines in the map

Driving Behaviour

Improve your driving skills

Get an overview of your driving style across 5 driving behaviour metrics – acceleration, breaking, left cornering, right cornering and idling. These individual metrics are averaged to give you your total driving score.

  • See your overall driving score

  • Get full data on each metric (acceleration, braking, left cornering, right cornering and idling)

  • Get tips on how to improve your score within each metric

Download our Driver App and get started today

Download our Driver App and experience it’s intuitive and lightning fast interface, seamlessly guiding you through the levels of insights you need to manage your day-to-day field operations.

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