Data-driven insurance to increase your profitability

Zego is our partner that has designed fleet insurance to offer a premium that matches the actual use of your vehicles. Unlike traditional fleet insurance, for which you pay a fixed fee, Zego provides a premium that is in line with the actual usage of your vehicles (for businesses with seasonal or inconsistent usage) or a flat-rate insurance that uses data to analyse your fleet driving risks and save low-risk drivers up to 20% on renewal.

Introduction of 'usage-based' fleet insurance

When you take out fleet insurance with Zego, you pay a premium that depends on the actual use of your vehicles. So the monthly price you pay is based on how much your vehicles have been on the road and for how many miles. This fee consists of a fixed small fee to ensure fleet coverage even when not in use, and a flexible usage-based part. 


How is the variable part of the premium calculated?

Because Zego works together with ABAX, it is possible to offer you this new form of insurance. When you equip your vehicles with telematics from ABAX, Zego and you get to see how much time the vehicles spend on the road, how they drive, and distance they travel. This then forms the basis for your insurance. In addition, you also gain access to a wide range of benefits, so you can understand the risks of your fleet and improve your operational efficiency.


What are the benefits of working with Zego?

  • A fair premium based on the use of your fleet

  • Manage your insurance online anywhere, anytime

  • Active risk management and insights so you can make your fleet safer, more economical and cleaner

  • 24/7 insight into claims and easily add or remove vehicles

  • Rewards based on your fleet results

  • Personal support when you need it

Commercial vehicle costs continue to rise. That is precisely why efficient fleet management is more important than ever. Our partnership with Zego makes it possible to professionally manage your fleet and to monitor and optimise its usage.