Onix Work

All location data in one view

Onix Work allows equipment owners, inspectors and suppliers to share, create and deliver information about equipment digitally. Onix Work simplifies the everyday life of the offshore, lifting and shipping industry to save time and helps you ensure that the inspection is carried out in accordance with laws and regulations

  • GPS-location of all equipment automatically into the Onix Work platform

  • Increased efficiency and digitalising your workdays

  • Stay up to date with a all equipment data in one platform

  • Decrease theft and time looking for equipment

Get started Onix Work

Get started with the integration

Integrate ABAX into your Onix platform:

To integrate ABAX with your Onix Work account you need to activate the ABAX' API, and your Client ID and Credentials are necessary.
You will find your Client Secret by developing a separate developer user in the ABAX-system.

After login, you need to add a user

  • Click on 'Production' and then choose 'Dashboard'.

  • Click on 'Create API Credentials

  • Choose a suitable name and add 'redirect_uris' 



  • Click on 'Create API Credential'

  • Your Client ID and Client Secret will now show 



Your Client ID has to be linked to your ABAX user. ABAX Support can help you sort this out.

Copy your Client ID, company name and send an e-mail to: api@abax.no.

When the connection is complete, you can start setting up the integration in Onix Work.

Onix Work:

When you are logged in on Onix Work, click on 'Settings'.

Go to System > External data-sources > GPS-tracking

  • Choose ABAX as 'Provider'

  • Choose your point of contact that will be responsible for the integration 

  • Copy & Paste your Client ID and Client Secret found in your ABAX Dashboard

  • Click 'Apply'



Your integration is now ready to use!

Turn on tracking for Onix Work

To turn on tracking of your units, you need to connect the unit's serial number by using the serial number used in the ABAX-system. 

Enter the 'Equipment' module

  • Find the correct equipment 

  • Click on 'Edit properties'

  • Choose 'ABAX Serial Number' and click on 'Add to list '

  • Click on 'Save and close'

  • Choose ABAX as 'Provider'

  • Choose a point of contact responsible for the integration

  • Add the Client ID  and Client Secret from your ABAX Dashboard

  • Click 'Apply'



The positions from ABAX are now shown in your Onix Work interrface with a daily updates, and you will see all equipment in one common map (Choose the equipment card and click 'Map').