Onix Work integrates ABAX platform and asset tracking

To reduce complexity, customers require a seamless experience with a single platform to access all the information and corporate assets they need. Onix Work understands this and so it is working with ABAX to integrate a new platform and tracking.

Onix Work integrates ABAX platform and asset tracking

ABAX: Broadening the Customer Base

The new integration fits well into ABAX’s growth strategy. The collaboration with Onix Work broadens ABAX’s customer base by adding the offshore and lifting industry.

Onix Work main goal is to develop services that increase the efficiency of the customers’ operations, and the collaboration with ABAX is a natural step into the future.

Our business name is from the mythology of the phoenix resurrecting younger and stronger from the ash. Integrations like this fit into our strategy to develop for the betterment of our customers.

Jens Blom, CEO of Onix

Connecting services into one platform gives customers a competitive advantage and increases efficiency as they progress on their digitalisation journey.

Improving workflow

Onix's cloud service supports the construction, lifts and cranes, maritime, offshore, and shipping industries. The service enables customers to collaborate, improve workflow, and share information about their assets.

With integration, all company asset information can flow seamlessly. It eliminates the need to cut and paste data between systems, or the need to use email to communicate important information across teams.

Saving time, creating visibility

With information on one platform, the customer will save significant time. Assets are visible, and everyone involved will see the same information.

Bjørn Brustad, Commercial Integration Manager, ABAX

Bjørn Brustad
Commercial Integration Manager
+47 481 68 793

Jens Blom

Onix AS is a Norwegian software company that develops and supplies the Web portal Onix Work, which is used all over the world to manage lifting equipment and other types of work equipment. Onix digitizes work processes for suppliers, controllers, and operators of work equipment, and is the market leader in Norway with several large customers in Europe and other continents. The team consists of 20 skilled employees.

ABAX is the second-largest telematics company in Europe with self-developed high-quality soft and hardware. Our services make it easy to increase efficiency, comply with taxes and regulations, and increase profitability through world class SaaS (Software as service). In 2022, we count 350 employees, and the company is represented in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the United Kingdom headquartered in Larvik.

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