ABAX releases its sustainability report for 2022

ABAX has released its 2022 Sustainability report illustrating the step taken to address important societal and planetary challenges to make sure that ABAX takes actions to contribute to a bright future.

The report highlights how ABAX has conducted a full inventory of Scope1, 2 AND 3 carbon emissions, separating product and corporate emissions for a more granular understanding of our CO2 emissions. The report also includes a framework for a Green Supply Chain and a reuse program supporting ABAX’s sustainability strategy.

ABAX's ambition is to continue our sustainability journey, focusing on continuous improvement. Thus we expanded the scope of our carbon accounting to include scope 3 categories in 2022, says Bruce Atle Karlsen, CPO at ABAX.

The report is available for download on ABAX website Sustainability report

Abasustainability journey, focusing on continuous  improvement.  Thus we expanded the  scope  of  our  carbon  accounting  to  include  scope  3  categories in 2022, says Bruce Atle Karlsen, CPO at ABAX

For further infomation in regards of the sustainabilty report please contact Bruce Atle Karlsen; atle.karlsen@abax.no.

ABAX is one of the largest telematic companies in Europe with high-quality software and hardware developed in-house. Our services help customers stay up to date, become more efficient and save money through world-class SaaS (Software as a Service). Our customer base of 44,000, and more than 536,000 tracked assets are constantly increasing our ABAX Global Network. ABAX is at the forefront of telematics connecting all company assets on an unprecedented level. Our mission is to continually help our customers run their businesses smarter and healthier, making it easy for them to improve efficiency, comply with legislation, and increase profitability. We are represented in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, and the UK with headquarters in Larvik, Norway.

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