ABAX Launches Fair in Norway- An Innovation in Commercial Car Insurance

In November 2023, Fair Car Insurance was successfully launched in Sweden, with the ambition to expand into multiple countries. As part of this strategic growth, ABAX is excited to announce the launch of Fair Car Insurance for the Norwegian market. This new offering represents a groundbreaking data-driven technological innovation in commercial car insurance.

ABAX Launches Fair in Norway- An Innovation in Commercial Car Insurance

Fair leverages extensive analysis and data to optimize the most equitable insurance premiums for company vehicle fleets. This approach allows for customized pricing with personalized offers based on actual driving behavior. Initially, Fair Car Insurance will be introduced to ABAX's Norwegian customer base, encompassing over 200,000 connected vehicles equipped with digital logbooks.

With 40% of all personal injuries in traffic occurring during working hours, Fair aims to assist its customers in understanding and mitigating traffic risks. Transparent reports on company driving behavior will be provided monthly, offering customers a clear overview of their driving trends and specific tips on reducing the risk of accidents involving employees.

"Fair was founded on the idea that car insurance can be significantly improved! Thanks to our data-driven insights, we can create tailored offers for all our potential customers. We calculate insurance premiums based on actual car usage, and from our launch in Sweden, we've seen substantial savings for our new insurance customers", says Jørgen Johansson Skalleberg, CEO of Fair Insurance.

To deliver on the promise of transparent and fair car insurance, Fair utilizes predictive risk insights generated in collaboration with the company Greater Than. Eir, a fully digital insurance company, provides the insurance capacity and claims settlement for Fair's technological platform.

"The launch of Fair exemplifies how we can use relevant mobility data to accelerate business development while providing great value to customers. The unique aspect of Fair is that customers can continuously influence their risk and insurance costs. This is part of our strategy to offer value-driven services based on actual data in the future", says Emma Dyga, CEO of the ABAX group.

Jørgen O.J. Skalleberg
CEO, Fair Car Insurance
E-post: jorgen.johansson.skalleberg@faircarinsurance.com
Mobil: +47 93 42 99 79

About ABAX:

ABAX is a leading European telematics IoT (Internet of Things) platform providing connected mobility solutions for vehicle tracking, tool tracking, and equipment control.

Our mission is to deliver mobility data insights that empower customers to do more with less. We support businesses that rely on field workforces for production, delivery, and maintenance of products, goods, and services. By offering actionable data insights and automated reporting, we help customers optimize field operations, comply with regulations, and achieve significant operational savings.

With over 500,000 tracked mobile assets and more than 40,000 customers, ABAX has a proven track record of translating customer needs into powerful solutions through our advanced data insights platform.

About Fair Car Insurance:

Fair Car Insurance is a new, independent commercial car insurance brand developed to deliver data-driven value to insurance customers. Eir Insurance AB provides distribution, insurance coverage, claims handling, and insurance administration on behalf of Fair. As a spin-off from ABAX, one of Europe's largest telematics companies, Fair will launch with a unique initial offer to ABAX's current customers in Norway, covering an extensive volume of over 200,000 connected vehicles. Later this year, Fair will be offered to more people in Sweden, with plans to launch in additional countries. Learn more at: Fair Car Insurance

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