ABAX Enhances Its Leadership Team with a Key Role in the Transformation Towards Global Leadership in Smart Mobility

Silje Berntsen Bogen Named Chief People and Organisation Officer

ABAX Enhances Its Leadership Team with a Key Role in the Transformation Towards Global Leadership in Smart Mobility

In a strategic maneuver to accelerate its transformation and fulfill its vision of being a pioneer in smart mobility, ABAX is proud to announce the appointment of Silje Berntsen Bogen to the crucial position of Chief People and Organisation Officer (CPOO). This tactical move highlights ABAX's commitment to ensuring that cultural and organizational development acts as the driving force behind the company's ambitious journey. 

With her prior role as Head of People, Bogen has laid a solid foundation for establishing a corporate culture deeply rooted in innovation and continuous learning. Her unique expertise and insights into leading and developing talent are vital components of ABAX’s evolution from a traditional telematics company to a leader in insight-driven smart mobility. 

"The rapid development in society and our industry requires an adaptive and forward-looking organization, where the full potential of every employee can be fully realized. As CPOO, I am committed to leading ABAX through this transformation, merging our human expertise with advanced technology to ensure that we not only reach, but exceed our strategic goals," Silje Berntsen Bogen stated. 

The decision to emphasize the role of CPOO reflects ABAX’s deep understanding of the significance of human capital in achieving a leading position on the global stage for smart mobility solutions. With 15 years of experience from leading positions in the technology and software sectors, Bogen will be a critical link in building a workplace that is flexible, inclusive, and focused on continuous improvement. Her appointment as CPOO marks a new era for ABAX, where corporate culture is at the center of growth and success. 

"Silje’s competence and vision are crucial for steering ABAX towards becoming a dominant force within smart mobility. With her leadership, we expect to create a working environment that is not only prepared for the future's challenges but also actively shapes the future of smart mobility," Emma Dyga, CEO of ABAX, expressed. 

Bogen's appointment is the latest in a series of strategic hires for the leadership team, reinforcing ABAX's commitment to diversity and leadership within the industry. Silje has entered her new role with immediate effect. 

Lin Eriksson Nordstrom
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