ABAX ends 2020 with a unique 24 hour ‘hackathon’ to explore new innovative solutions

ABAX is well known for being a unique place to work and is now arranging a “Hackathon” for the second year to further inspire their developers. Throughout the 2-day intensive code-marathon, all in-house developers at ABAX will work on and share their future ideas for the company.

ABAX ends 2020 with a unique 24 hour ‘hackathon’ to explore new innovative solutions

24 hours to solve a problem
On the 10th and 11th of December, ABAX is offering a challenge different from a developer's usual daily work, regrouping them into small teams and giving them a 24-hour window to be innovative. The event lets developers play with code and ideas looking for the next big thing for the company. The teams will brainstorm an idea, plan a short proof of concept and finally present it to a panel of judges.

“Hacking means finding a creative solution for a problem. It can be a totally new feature or product to help our customers, a new opportunity or an internal tool to improve our processes” - Wan Luo Senior Director of Engineering at ABAX.

André Trommestad and Wan Luo is arranging the ABAX Hackathon

Connecting people, places and things
This year ABAX is influenced by the futuristic video game, which is also released this week, “Cyberpunk 2077”. With the topic and theme for the ABAX Hackathon being - Connecting people, places and things.

“It's important to set aside time for this kind of inspirational and empowering event. We want to give the employees an arena to look for new solutions, be creative and find problems and things that will give ABAX value” - Paul Walsh, CTO and leader of the Tech Section.

Paul Walsh, CTO of ABAX is sitting in the jury for ABAX Hackathon.

Opportunity to build a culture
With two acquisitions (RAM and Automile) and adding a new R&D centre in Gdansk, this event is a great opportunity to gather the teams and onboard the new employees to help them get to know ABAX better. ABAX is growing; last year 45 people attended the Hackathon and this year it will be over 70 people across 11 teams.

“With two acquisition and all the new people, we will see more collaboration, ideas and insight. We want to mix the teams and have people work in new circles. We want people to get to know each other and share their experiences” - Wan Luo.

All employees were online to listen to each others solutions on Friday. 

A jury will announce the winner
The teams will be evaluated on their idea, innovation, execution, presentation and theme. The Chief Architect and Senior Management in ABAX will be the jury for this year’s competition – providing both a commercial and technical evaluation.

“In addition to the theme, we will look at our values: Enthusiastic, Innovative and Sustainable. All three of them will play an important role for us in tech and when developing. We will see a lot of innovation and activities from tech in 2021 including improving our platform” – Paul Walsh.


For more information:

Wan Luo, Senior Director of Engineering, ABAX
+47 910 03 156

Paul Walsh, CTO ABAX

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