ABAX becomes Carbon neutral two years earlier than planned

Early in 2020 ABAX began their journey to becoming carbon neutral and targeted to achieve this in 2022.  In their first Sustainability Report ABAX announces that they have become carbon neutral two years earlier than planned.

ABAX becomes Carbon neutral two years earlier than planned

- ABAX is a transparent and responsible organisation that has committed to improve human lives and reduce their impact on the environment, Taryn Lynne Sumpton, Sustainability Consultant for ABAX says.

ABAX achieved all environmental goals

2020 has been a successful year for ABAX’s value chain having managed to meet all their environmental goals, reduce carbon emissions and begin making their supply chain greener. Emissions were reduced by and impressive 48% and the remaining were offset with PAS 2060 certified carbon projects that support local communities in Central Africa.

To do even more, ABAX partnered up with WeForest and have funded over 100.000 trees during the year that will help to combat deforestation in southern Malawi.

-  ABAX’s responsibility extends further than becoming carbon neutral. They have also begun working with their supply chain, customers and with NGO’s to have a wholistic positive climate impact, continues Taryn.  

During 2020 ABAX also began switching to an entirely electric corporate fleet. Along with other initiatives to manage fleet emissions we have reduced fleet CO2 by 63% from the year before.

Hardware packaging produced CO2 neutral

The report shows some great work and accomplishment during the year and one of the changes that has a  big impact is a redesign of the hardware packaging which is now manufactured CO2 neutral. The goal was to minimize waste and use sustainably source materials which has been accomplished.  

In addition to redesigning packaging, ABAX measures and manages a number of KPI’s that help to establish a greener value chain. Of particular interest is their collaboration with the manufacturer; having broadened significantly the scope of sustainable solutions in 2020 with exciting news coming in Q2 of 2021.

Dedicated to sustainability

During the last year ABAX has taken their work with corporate responsibility and social impact to the next level having announced ‘sustainable’ as one of their company values. Sustainability was chosen as one of the top priorities among the employees of ABAX and has become part of the conversation throughout the organisation since.  

-    During 2020 ABAX established an ESG & CSR committee, created their first public sustainability report, communicated emissions to international reporting standards, and has ongoing support from top management. I expect this commitment by ABAX to positively impact all stakeholders of the organization, Taryn Lynne Sumpton ends.

For more information

Bruce Atle Karlsen, Chief Performance Officer ABAX
Email: atle.karlsen@abax.no
Phone: +47 930 05 747

Taryn Lynne Sumpton, Sustainability Consultant ABAX
Email: taryn.sumpton@abax.no
Phone: +47 902 56 108

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