ABAX and Connected Cars take smart mobility to the next level

ABAX and Connected Cars will build Europe's best expertise in the environment of Smart Mobility together. The two business partners will deploy their expertise to make car ownership easier and more flexible with the use of mobility data.

ABAX and Connected Cars take smart mobility to the next level

The technology giant ABAX is best known for fleet management for cars and machines and has great experience working with manufacturers (OEMs) in the machinery industry. 

Connected Cars, is owned by vehicle importer, Semler Group, which has years of experience in building an ecosystem for the aftermarket among well-known car dealers and brands within the Volkswagen Group.

Working smarter together through an increased focus on their core business areas

Smart Mobility is a significant area of strategic focus for ABAX, and it aims to increase its focus on smart fleet management, and on improving customers' vehicle use. Connected Cars, on the other hand, will focus on enhancing their solution for car dealers. Both solutions will become mutually available to their customers in the future to deliver data-driven proactive customer care in the auto industry.

This partnership will result in ABAX taking over fleet management in Denmark for both companies. At the same time, Connected Cars continues to develop its solution with the same name to target the dealers. CEO of ABAX, Morten Strand, sees it as a significant competitive advantage that the two businesses can work on their core areas for the best for the customers.

“We have to focus to be able to develop and improve, therefore we must also dare to leave some business areas behind," says Morten Strand, CEO of ABAX.

Strand explains that the strategic partnership will have a 'best of breed' approach where ABAX will continue focusing on fleet management in Europe, and Connected Car will continue focusing on being the best dealer solution in the Nordic region. Customers on both sides will benefit from the best solutions.

“With our market-leading connectivity platform we are helping automotive manufacturers, importers and dealers increase customer loyalty through the intelligent use of real-time data. With this strategic partnership, we are ready to take the next steps in our internationalisation journey, providing value to importers, dealers, and fleets across the world” Mads Gregersen, CEO of Connected Cars

Furthermore, Strand says the companies will continue to work on supporting "mobility as a service", which involves developing common solutions for the future of mobility data.

 “It is a strength for ABAX to work closely with a partner that is familiar with car producers and the distribution field,” continues Strand.

Nordic region's largest developers in telematics will team up

Both companies have a significant number of developers who endeavour to provide customers with the industry's best user experience. Together they will become the Nordic region's largest development team in the field.

Connected Cars has a total of 35 developers on its staff all of are located in Copenhagen. ABAX too has a significant number with its 85 resources working in one of their main tech departments in Gdansk, Poland or Larvik, Norway.

A common customer experience with a focus on driver safety and the environment

"At Semler Group we are strongly convinced that digital innovation is one of the key pillars towards helping the dealer network succeed and having two of the key players in the market align to develop solutions to accelerate that success just makes sense", says Ulrik Drejsig, CEO of Semler Group.

“In ABAX we have looked at the use of data, and that it can increase the lifetime of cars by one whole year. Improved driving and service follow-up – including maintenance - will lower the costs, while enabling car fleets to last longer, which will lead to the production of fewer new cars,” says Strand.

Photo: Morten Strand, Mads Gregersen, Ulrik Drejsig, Håkon Grønn-Weiss 

Sandra Lindberg
Communication Director

Connected Cars
Priti Gupta
Marketing Director

About Connected Cars:

Connected Cars is currently owned by the Volkswagen Group importer Semler, and have developed an established solution that enables car importers and dealers to increase their loyalty and revenue. Connected Cars is established in more than 5 countries and growing. ‘CC’ is the preferred aftermarket loyalty solution for authorised dealers to connect with their customers and help them with their vehicle health.connectedcars.io/

About ABAX:

ABAX is one of Europe's largest technology companies with fleet management and equipment control solutions. The company develops innovative solutions based on mobility data from over 500,000 tracked devices worldwide. abax.com

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