For the third year in a row, ABAX is arranging a “Hackathon” to drive innovation, have fun and inspire their developers. Last year's winning project is already successfully launched in the market and have added value to the customer base. Throughout the 2-day digital event, 9 teams with over 50 developers work and share their future ideas for the company after an intense code marathon.  


Create innovation and drive growth within 30 hours  

Yesterday and today, 9th and 10th of December, ABAX are taking people out from their daily work, regrouping them into smaller teams (6 people) and giving them 30h hours to be creative. The event lets developers play with code and ideas, looking for the next big thing for the company. The teams are brainstorming an idea, planning for how to make a short Proof of concept and present it to a judging panel today.  

- In a hectic and speedy workday, Hackathon is a way for us to make room for our developers to think outside of the box to be innovative and at the same time have fun. The end goal is for us to come up with some great ideas that increase growth on our new and existing portfolio, says Kjetil Lassen, Director of S/W Engineering 

Kjetil Lassen is responsible for coordinating ABAX Hackathon 2021. 

Innovation is the foundation for future growth  

Late this year, the CEO of ABAX, Morten Strand, presented a new bold and ambitious strategy for the company in the coming three years. ABAX shall take the step to become a market leader in vehicle centric, data driven mobility and to get there, new innovation is a must.  

- In line with our evolving strategy and ambitions it is important to give the team an arena to be creative, look for new solutions and implement ideas that will provide value to our customers, says Paul Walsh, CTO and leader of the Tech section. 

Paul Walsh, CTO in ABAX, is in the jury this year as well. 

Hackathon ideas already implemented  

Since the start of the Hackathon, several of the past year’s ideas are already implemented and live for the ABAX customers. This year they will focus on speeding up growth to both the new and existing portfolio.  

- It´s fun to see how an idea and a proof of concept created only within 30 hours can be launched so quickly after the Hackathon. I love to see how the developers get a feeling of mastery during this kind of event, says Kjetil Lassen.   

A jury will announce the winner  

Today, Friday the 10th, all teams will present their ideas in front of a jury and they will be evaluated on idea, innovation, execution, presentation, and theme. The Chief Architect and Senior Management in ABAX will be the jury for this year’s competition as well. The winner will be announced in the beginning of 2022.   

For more information:  

Kjetil Lassen, Director of S/W Engineering, ABAX  
Mobile +47 920 94 167 

Paul Walsh, CTO ABAX  



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