ABAX MobiSense

Make sense of your mobility data

Unlock data driven insight for future personalised offers today.

What is ABAX MobiSense?

ABAX MobiSense analyses your business fleet data with the use of AI engine. The two current insights provided are your company risk score and your environmental score, giving you full access to new ways to manage your fleet. This new tool will help you improve your operations and will soon provide exclusive access to discounted data-driven services from our partners.

Activate MobiSense within your ABAX account to gain access to advanced data insights presented in a straightforward way. Our analysis will help you understand your data, recognise trends, uncover value and take timely action providing you with a greater competitive advantage.

Track your environmental footprint

ABAX MobiSense offers new insight into the environmental element of running a fleet of vehicles. The tool will help you reduce your environmental footprint and monitor your performance while implementing improvements. A high environmental score indicates that your fleet is operated in the best possible way from an environmental perspective.

Improve your risk-score

ABAX MobiSense will offer a new insight into your current company risk level. High risk will negatively impact your company – like increased risk of accidents, higher operational costs (service, maintenance, repair and fuel) and a larger environmental footprint. The risk insight will help you analyse trends within your fleet to reduce risk and incidents.

More scores to come

The ABAX MobiSense is a new service that will grow. We are just getting started and the developer team is working at full speed to improve and expand the service. The future insights we are working on will be even more specific on how your fleet can reduce risk and increase efficiency and profitability.