Data Privacy Day 2024

Data Privacy Day is on 28th January, so it seems timely to discuss data privacy considerations when it comes to managing and tracking assets – whether that is company cars, fleets of vans or for-hire plant machinery and tools.

Anna Edwards

GDPR and tracking

Vehicle and asset tracking software helps businesses be more efficient and productive in their operations. However, when using tracking devices, it is important to know and understand that the location data of an employee qualifies as personal data under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), any time it relates to an identifiable individual.

For example, when using vehicle tracking devices, an employer is not only collecting information about the vehicle but also about the employee such as their driving behaviour and location data.

For this reason, for in-vehicle tracking to be lawful under GDPR, strict requirements must be met by the employer, such as first being able to demonstrate a legal basis for implementing the device, such as consent; legal obligation; vital interests; public task; or legitimate interests.

Vehicle tracking - employer responsibility

However, employers also have the responsibility to not abuse the data that has been collected. To avoid any misunderstanding and abuse of information, we recommend having a written policy on the use of vehicle tracking data so that you can inform employees that trackers will be used, provide an explanation as to why trackers are needed and set out the procedure for using this data in a disciplinary context if the need should arise.

An effective and comprehensive vehicle tracker policy should contain the following

  • A detailed explanation of what a tracking system is and how it works

  • The reasons as to why the company has chosen to use tracking

  • The benefits of vehicle trackers to both the company and its staff

  • The precise nature of the data that you will collect

  • The purposes for which collected data will be used

  • Details as to how that data is protected and who has access to it

  • The nature and extent of vehicle monitoring during working hours

  • What private use can be made of a company vehicle and conditions

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