ABAX Open API for a unified customer experience

Your customers use a variety of tools to keep their business running. Adding ABAX as part of your service will give you a competitive advantage without an extra cost. With our open API we have made it easy for Charlie Tennant, Managing Director at Servu and other partners to join the ABAX data with their own. 

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ABAX Open API for a unified customer experience

The ABAX integration is a an extra resource including services. An integration will enable your company to enhance and manage your service processes and improve your proposition to your consumers.The ABAX Open API enables access to information about equipment, vehicles, trips and organization on behalf of ABAX User or ABAX Customer organization.  

Let’s be better together 

You are only as strong as your weakest link, and most platforms cannot function ideally as islands on their own, why not grow together? ABAX enables platform owners, such as Servu to set-up and manage a multi-point integration.  

ABAX API is made for serving other back-end systems such as CRM, Invoicing, management and more without any need for starting up a big development project that will require maintenance. With our Open API it is easy and as partner such as Project 44 and Servu has already taken the opportunity to join our data. 

Our API is easy to consume  

On our integration page you will find several useful tips for those of you who want to look into the opportunities. The open sandbox is an unique and fun area meant for developers to test and see how a possible integration might work. 
Using the ABAX Developer portal you can generate client_id and client_secret that are required in the authentication flow. You will get API credentials separately for the sandbox environment and  when you are ready there will be given access to the actual production environment. Sounds complicated? Maybe product owner, Gorm Alexander Rolland Krogh can explain what ABAX marketplace actually means? 

Integration partnerships is complementing products and data wherever the customer wants it.

Gorm Alexander Rolland Krogh
What type of services can integrate with ABAX? 

– We can help apps fit into most IOT scenarios.  

How secure are sharing data with ABAX? 

Data security is top priority in ABAX, if you wold like to learn about our data security, a look into our privacy-page might be useful. 

Don’t hear it from us! 

We have interviewed Managing Director in Servu, Charlie Tennant to learn from his experience with the integrations-process. Servu is a project planning solution that serves electricians, plumbers, fire and security, facilities management, maintenance, hair salons, counsellors and more.  

Tennant explains that they are working on marketing material on how to offer ABAX as part of their services. But ABAX will give their clients a valuable addon, especially for those who have valuable assets that they like to track and relocate.  

According to Servu their customers can befit from ABAX by tracking their fleet costs and it comes very handy when plugged into the Servu activity scheduler. ABAX Google maps will automatically inform in case of a potential delay because of a traffic jam or accident. It’s all in the details and with automated customer messages a client of Servu can provide “best in class customer service”. 

How will your customer/end users benefit from the integration? 

– Most of our customers are workers such as plumbers and carpenters and with this integration they will be able to track their fleet. The clients use our “On my way-SMS” and with the google map integrated they can tell how long there will be until they can attend the next customer.  

What is your experience from the actual integration process? 

– It has been fantastic and super-fast. Within only one week we were up and running. Most  other integration we have completed there has  not been a one to one contact, and a roadblock soon becomes a bottleneck when there was a need r to making a ticket request for  development. I send an e-mail to Craig Allan at ABAX any time of the day and after a few minutes he would reply with a solution. 

What has been a pleasant surprises during the integration? 

–The amount of data provided on the API was beyond my expectations. It was interesting to learn about projects on the roadmap provided from ABAX. 

Tennant like that ABAX provides the two different method of authentication. They actually tried both. Swapping half way through and found both easy to use, both the basic and the broader one. He also explains that the API will find and alert potential errors, and the system gives feedback on exactly what went wrong. 

Did you find the ABAX API easy to consume? 

– I found the authentication quick an easy. The documentation is very clear and easy to adapt. We used every single coin within the API. We actually tried both the methods provided. Both the basic and the broader version one was just as easy to adapt and both is to be found in the documentations. 

Why is Servu and ABAX better together? 

– After the integration we can offer affordable, easy to install, native GPS tracking versus our competitors who use mobile devices. The 24/7 support and tracking is a great position to have in a business with a lot of thefts, and there are several synergies between our brand values. 

What would you say to other business considering to integrate with ABAX? 

 – Definitely do! The documentation is super clear and easy. We had samples sent out to us, ABAX5’s including Driver-ID to put the ABAX-data into context for our usage and by testing the environment with native data made it even easier to work with. 

Need help with an integration? Don’t hesitate to ask! 

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