ABAX UK’s Cutting-Edge Tracking Technology Aids in Swift Recovery of Stolen Machinery

In a significant victory against the rising tide of van and tool theft across the UK, ABAX UK is proud to share a recent success story demonstrating the efficacy of our advanced tracking technology.

Anna Edwards

Stolen Construction Machinery

Viper Hire Ltd, a leading equipment rental company based in Somerset, recently recovered two high-value machines thanks to ABAX's innovative solutions. This case exemplifies how our technology can protect valuable assets and ensure swift recovery in the event of theft.

The Incident

Viper Hire Ltd experienced the theft of a 0.8T 2024 Kubota K008-5 Digger and a Lumag tracked dumper, collectively valued at over £17,000. The machines were stolen shortly after being delivered to a customer site. Despite the thieves' attempts to disable the tracking devices by cutting through the wires, the robust battery life of ABAX trackers allowed continuous monitoring.

The Recovery

Early the following morning, a Viper Hire employee checked the tracker and discovered the equipment's location in Lancashire. ABAX’s superior tracking technology ensured that the equipment's movements were recorded even after the apparent disconnection. This vital information enabled the police to locate and recover the stolen machinery by 1 PM the same day.

Customer Testimonial

Viper Hire Ltd shared their experience:

The thieves cut through the wires on the tracker, thinking it would disconnect the device. However, the incredible battery life allowed us to track the machines all the way to where they had parked the van. If it wasn't for that back-up battery, the machines would've been gone.

Annie Burdick, Viper Hire Ltd.

Rising Theft Across the UK

Construction theft in the UK is on the rise, with reports showing that over 50% of construction sites are targeted by thieves weekly​ (Construction View Online)​​ (WCCTV)​. This alarming trend highlights the urgent need for effective security measures.

ABAX’s Role in Prevention and Recovery

ABAX UK offers a comprehensive solution to this growing problem. Our cutting-edge tracking technology provides real-time monitoring and exceptional battery life, ensuring that assets remain protected even in the event of tampering. Our technology not only aids in the swift recovery of stolen items but also acts as a strong deterrent against theft, providing peace of mind to our customers.

At ABAX, we understand the devastating impact of theft on businesses. The successful recovery of Viper Hire Ltd's machines demonstrates our commitment to delivering reliable and advanced tracking solutions that protect our customers' valuable assets. Our goal is to not only prevent theft but also ensure that stolen assets can be swiftly recovered, minimizing disruption and loss.

Joe Medina-Browne, Commercial Director of ABAX UK

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