Vehicle Tracking For Small And Medium Sized Businesses

As a small and medium sized business, implementing a vehicle tracking system to your fleet can bring many benefits and make the company more profitable. We will outline them here. 

Moving van on motorway

Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Gain more control over your vehicles - Our familiar Google integrated map together with features like Snail Trial and Driving Behaviour gives you complete control of your fleet, past and present. With a roaming SIM and vehicle positions updates every 30 seconds, you always have a reliable, exact location of your vehicles and equipment
  • Reduce your fuel bill by 18.5% by eradicating unauthorised trips, and save up to 30 minutes per employee, per day, in over-reported timesheets
  • View a league table based on the Driving Behaviour within your business
  • Keep your vehicles on the road with service notifications
  • Improve your bottom line - a fleet that is driven efficiently and safely will cost less in fuel and servicing and have fewer accidents
  • Easy Installation - our units take only 10 minutes to install, meaning that you save on install and de-install costs, and can reduce the downtime of your vehicles