Vehicle Tracking

Get more out of your fleet with our GPS-based vehicle tracking system suitable for all vehicle types and fleet sizes. Our vehicle tracker is easy to install, complies with HMRC and GDPR requirements and is proven to save you time and money.


“Using a GPS vehicle tracking system helps us to fulfil more jobs in a day, since we know exactly where our vans are, it is therefore critical for offering same day waste removal service."

Piotr Urbaniak - Director of Rubbishcut Ltd 

Save money

Reduce fuel, maintenance and insurance costs. Our solutions saves you money and improve your bottom line.

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Lifetime Warranty

The unit is compact, robust, water resistant, IP67 and if it ever breaks, we will replace it free of charge.

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Easy Installation

Our vehicle tracking units take only 10 minutes to install; so you save on install costs and keep your fleet on the road.

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ABAX 5 tracking unit

What does world class service look like?

Our vehicle trackers take only 10 minutes to install; so you save on install costs and keep your fleet on the road. If you ever have an issue, call our free 24/7 support line and quickly speak to an actual person. If the issue is a fault with the unit, have peace of mind that we will replace it free of charge, as lifetime warranty comes as standard.


Do you need more control?

Our familiar Google integrated map together with features like Snail Trail and Driving Behaviour gives you complete control of your fleet, past and present. With a roaming SIM and vehicle positions updates every 30 seconds, you always have a reliable, exact location of your vehicles and equipment. Always on the go? No problem, take advantage of our scalable interface that works perfectly even on your mobile, so you can monitor your fleet from the palm of your hand.


Active map
Petrol being dropped into a piggybank

How much more efficient can your fleet be?

Our rich, user-friendly reports deliver impact. If you are anything like our average customer, expect to reduce your fuel bill by 18.5% by eradicating unauthorised trips, and save up to 30 minutes per employee, per day in over-reported timesheets. With the units roaming SIM you can be sure the unit always connects to the strongest available network, so no map freezes or delay. You can even use reports to invoice customers or view a league table based on Driving Behaviour. Reports can be stored ready for HMRC inspections or scheduled to your inbox.