Why switch to ABAX Plant Tracking?

Lifetime Warranty. 24/7 Support. Roaming Sim. Vehicle, Plant and Tool Tracking.

With over 250,000 active devices worldwide, ABAX is a proven specialist in easy to install, reliable plant and equipment GPS tracking.

Compare your plant tracking system today and see why customers make the switch to ABAX.

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How do ABAX compare to your current tracking supplier?

Free 24/7 support

If equipment is stolen outside of business hours, you don't have to wait until the next working day for help.

Easy Installation

Install yourself in 10-minutes and keep equipment downtime to a minimum.

No Map Freezes

We utilise a roaming SIM to connect to the strongest available signal.

Lifetime Warranty

Free hardware replacement as standard on any unit that develops a fault.

Live Location

Get a positional update every 60 seconds with our wired hardware.

Robust Hardware

Reliable, water resistant, weatherproof and suitable for extreme temperatures.


Designed, manufactured and tested in house, and always evolving with the latest technology.

One Solution

Vehicle, equipment and tool tracking all visible in one live, responsive map. 

Why choose ABAX Plant and Equipment tracking?

Our units are easy to install; so you save on install costs and keep equipment downtime to a minimum. For versatility, the robust unit can be installed with VHB tape, a bracket, a magnetic jacket or a steel cage. 

Lifetime warranty comes as standard giving you peace of mind. If the unit develops a fault, simply call our 24/7 customer service line and we will replace it free of charge.

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