The perfect GNSS vehicle tracker
for a hidden fleet monitoring under the hood

2.5 meters

GPS Accuracy



165 dBm

GPS sensitivity


Size in mms

What makes the ABAX FMT 100 ideal for monitoring vehicles ?

Waterproof enclosure

The shell is waterproof

Always safe with backup power

It is annoying if you lose your power source, but don't worry
the ABAX FMT100 has a 2 day backup battery.

car an signal strenght

Big antenna

The internal GNSS antenna provides strong signals
and works flawlessly underneath the hood.

Accurate positioning

The GPS tracker simultaneously reads from multiple global satellite systems
like GPS, Glonass, Galileo, BeiDou, SBAS, QZSS, DGPS, AGPS

It installs in minutes

It's an easy install, anyone can do it and it takes just a few
minutes to connect it to your car battery.

Typical usage for the ABAX FMT 100

The ABAX FMT100 is ideal for monitoring of all types of vehicles and vans both electrical and fossil fueled as a hidden tracker. Perfect for vehicles, vans and EVs.