ABAX Equipment Control

Protect your valuable machinery, assets, tools and other equipment with our compact and robust equipment control units. With our equipment tracking solution in place you will save time and money, always knowing the position of your valuables.


ABAX - does what is says on the tin. Professional and friendly staff with great back up. Brilliant system and easy to use.

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Usage logging

Receive alerts on the usage and plan maintenance based on engine hours to optimise servicing.

Detailed digital map

Set up geofences to get notifications directly to you on SMS or email when equipment leaves the geofence area.

Lifetime Warranty

The unit is compact, robust, water proof, and if it ever breaks, we will replace it free of charge.

All 3 equipment control units lined up from left to right

Monitoring and control made easy

To make it easy for you to get started our units are self-installable and easily mounted so you save money on install costs. The rugged and reliable units can be mounted in several different ways to fit your specific need, either with VHB tape, a bracket, a magnetic jacket or a specially designed steel cage.

If there is a fault with the unit have peace of mind that we will replace it free of charge, as lifetime warranty comes as standard. Just call our free 24/7 customer service line and we will help you.


Fed up with having poor control?

Keep on top of how your equipment and machinery are being used. ABAX Equipment Control will monitor key factors, including showing where your equipment is located in a digital map, usage duration, and movement to a new location with the use of geofences. Alerts based on usage inform you of pending service events. If you are renting your equipment to contractors, ABAX Equipment Control reports are key to making sure that your equipment is being used according to agreed terms and that your customers are invoiced correctly.

Equipment Control App and Abax EQ Unit mounted on trailer
Different kinds of equipment ready for the ABAX EQ

Solutions for all kinds of equipment and assets

Whether you have powered equipment, non-powered equipment or portable power tools and equipment we have a solution that fits your need. With up to 12 years battery life time on our large equipment control unit, and up to three years battery life time on our smallest asset management unit, you can rest assured that you have full control over your equipment for a long time.