Ensure Your Mileage Records Are HMRC Compliant

Are you certain that your mileage records are compliant with the HMRC tax regulations? Or could you be at risk of an eye-watering tax penalty?

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100% HMRC Tax Compliance

Often the catalyst for an HMRC investigation is when they believe mileage has been overpaid due to inaccurate reporting, overestimation or fraud. HMRC’s task is to get you to pay the right amount of tax – so if there is an over payment of mileage it effectively means tax-free monies have been paid to an employee.  Penalty calculations are extremely complex, but for further information on this topic, page 10 of the White Paper discusses the ‘The cost of getting it wrong’.

Compliant Business Mileage Records 

HMRC does not clearly or categorically state what makes a mileage record compliant or non-compliant. This makes it incredibly difficult for a business to know whether the process they have in place currently meet the needs of HMRC. This document will explore mileage records in detail and highlight what is required, common difficulties in data quality, the cost of getting it wrong and ways that you can improve your process through the use of technology – such as digital mileage capture system.

The HMRC consider failure to maintain proper accounting mileage records a serious offence, so it is vital that mileage records are 100% accurate and also auditable. 

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What ABAX Customers Think:

"In the event of a BRC inspection by HMRC, the ABAX system gives us the peace of mind that our mileage recording system is fully compliant with HMRC Tax requirements."

- Fanuc UK

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