All your equipment in one overview

The ABAX Dealer Portal

A cloud based service from ABAX where both dealer and end-customer can have access to the same data without installing tracking devices from multiple providers

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What is the Dealer Portal?

  • A dealer can “activate”/”register” the tracking unit on their own.
  • Gives a complete overview of all machines a dealer want to monitor .
  • Gives a dealer the location of the machine.
  • Gives a dealer accumulated usage of a machine.
  • Gives a dealer tools to know when a machine needs service

What are the benefits of the Dealer Portal

The Dealer Portal is basically an independent cloud based software for dealers to manage service of their sold machinery. This is what the Dealer Portal gives you:

Clock icon

Exact running time

Avoid unnecessary (driving) hours and improve dispatch and planning

Location monitoring

Digitize manual administration and do more services

a bag with tools

Service scheduling

Have all your equipment in one overview and recover machines in case of theft

Dealer Portal features

easy to add new machinery

Easy to on-board new unit to the portal

Only need to register the machine information once!

The mechanic also takes a photo of the hour reading on the dashboard and upload the picture for quality assurance of the initial running hours.

The mechanic register the equipment info with his/her mobile device when installing the unit. The unit is live in the portal from the point the «register» button is pressed.

The fleet administrator has the final approval through an authorization setting.

Total overview of your equipment

The numbers indicate clusters of machines in same area. You can zoom in to see smaller areas. Pointing on individual machines will give current operating hours.

List of all machinery with details

Total overview of your machines in list

The same machines shown in list that can be filtered. Accumulated running hours to the right. Click on « Show in Map» to see the location.

To follow-up on service and service agreements we are absolutely dependent on hours and location. ABAX has given us this insight and we are now able to do every service on all mini excavators at the right time. Even for those without a maintenance contract.

Thorstein Strømmen, Nasta AS

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