Ej Civils

Providing greater control over a large fleet and workforce for a groundworks business EJ civils

By installing vehicle tracking on a fleet, this company noticed an improvement in the team's punctuality and working hours leading to increased productivity.  

Groundworks company E J Civils spans across an office, equipment yard and seven sites. Prior to being contacted by a member of the ABAX team, they were operating without any tracking devices on their fleet of vehicles. This meant that they had very little visibility and control over a large workforce and were spending many hours record and time keeping.  

“The ABAX solution product is perfectly aligned with the needs of our business.  It’s hassle-free, offers us great automated record keeping, and we are now able to keep an eye on the vehicles and keep control of the business.” 

Since installing the ABAX system, E J Civils have noticed a significant and sustained increase in employee productivity. Employees are aware that vehicle tracking is in place, and as a result, both punctuality and productivity is improving.

The lads are behaving more now, arriving and leaving when they should be, if they don’t – this can now be reflected in their pay – timesheets are more accurate and the team have more valuable.

E J Civils is yet another construction business that has been targeted by thieves, having experienced the theft of a van. We were able to help quickly locate and recover this van – preventing any operational or financial implications to the business.  

“The trackers have paid for themselves simply due to us recovering one vehicle from theft – the ongoing visibility and control over the fleet and team is providing a further ROI. We would be happy to recommend ABAX to anyone as the system works impeccably.” 

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